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5 Tips Of How To Build A Successful Wholesale Jewelry Brand

Wholesale Jewelry Market is highly profitable but competitive, in order to build a successful wholesale jewelry brand, the road is not a smooth one, you have to go through difficulties and challenges for better growth. With no doubt, jewelry is an extremely popular item that has been constantly pursued by fashion followers throughout the history. With right tactics, you can play well in this competitive business world and meet enormous valuable opportunities.

If you are a start-up or going to be a start-up of wholesale jewelry brand, then you are just in the right spot! In this blog, we’ve listed 5 useful tips for you to create your own wholesale jewelry brand successfully. If interested, then scroll down to get further information!


  1. Know your market
  2. Define the Unique Selling Proposition
  3. Source inventory
  4. Payment and shipping methods
  5. Prepare for marketing plan

Build your successful wholesale jewelry brand: market information

First and foremost, moving towards the right direction is very essential. Therefore, knowing the current and future trends of jewelry market is of vital important for the growth of your wholesale jewelry brand. Because you can not sell jewelry to all groups of people, it would be better to find your jewelry niche. For example, you can choose it from materials, or categories. That is also to say, determine your target audience. You can take the ages, income, sexes into consideration, and then market your wholesale jewelry brand to them accordingly.

Build your successful wholesale jewelry brand: Unique Selling Proposition

A USP will determine what makes your wholesale jewelry brand stand out from the severe competition. That is also to say, why your customers should buy from you instead of other brands. Therefore, find a brand image you want to express to your customers. For example, you can ask yourself several questions, like what makes my brand different from other brands? What jewelry features do I want to let my customers know? So, USP can give you a clear picture of your brand image.

Build your successful wholesale jewelry brand: source inventory

The jewelry you sell to your customers directly determine your brand reputation and loyalty. Here, the bulk-buying wholesale mode is highly recommended for your wholesale jewelry brand. You can benefit a lot from buying jewelry by weight. Especially for resale jewelry, you will be able to get cheap and high quality jewelry pieces in bulk from those jewelry wholesalers or manufacturers. Of course some wholesalers have their own factory, therefore, you can also get bulk jewelry at factory prices without middleperson. For example, Jewelrykg can be your perfect choice, you can truly trust us.


  • Jewelry by kilogram
  • Low minimums per order: no MOQ
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast turnarounds times
  • Daily-updated jewelry styles

Build your successful wholesale jewelry brand: payment and shipping

Multiple payment methods are preferred here, like  PayPal, Apple Pay, and Stripe. This can help you to build trust of your potential customers. Meanwhile, shipping and return policy is also very crucial. There are mainly three common shipping types:

  • Free shipping

Free shipping can attract more customers buying from you, thus boosting sales. In addition, you can either set free shipping on all jewelry items, or specific categories, or a certain amount of orders.

  • Flat rate shipping.

You can surely earn profits on those small orders in this way, however, you may lose more money on large orders.

  • Calculated shipping rates.

This is a good way to keep your costs as low as possible, however, this may not be attractive compared with free shipping.

Build your successful wholesale jewelry brand: marketing plan

First of all, do full researches about how your competitors do on the promotional activities, and then set your own marketing plan based on your wholesale jewelry brand feature. Make full use of social media platforms to drive traffic as much as possible. Be creative and dedicated to your promotional events. Meanwhile, consider other promotional channels in addition to social media to broaden your reach. Like email marketing. You can also look at our previous blogs regarding the useful promotional skills.

Final Words

Wholesale jewelry contains huge potential for growth in the upcoming years, from which you will get more opportunities to make profits. Therefore, be industrious and dedicated, embrace changes, and face challenges.

Thanks for reading this post, whatever problems you have, just drop us a comment below. We care about every customer and welcome any suggestions and opinions. Cooperating with us, you can get a wide range of updated high quality fashion jewelry pieces with factory prices! Your support will make a great difference to us!

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