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4 Best Ways To Organize Your Fashion Bulk Jewelry (2022 Updated)

Keeping your fashion bulk jewelry pieces organized can not only bring convenience by visualizing your jewelry easily, but also avoid the likelihood of losing or being worn. Whether you are a fashion bulk jewelry collection lover, or a jewelry retailer, knowing effective jewelry storage ideas is always necessary and helpful. After all, no one wants to hunt for their jewelry for a long time when they are just in a hurry.

Therefore, here, we’ve listed the 4 effective ways for you to better organize your fashion bulk jewelry pieces.  With all the tips we mentioned below, you will make it easier to keep your jewelry well-organized. Now, follow us, let’s dive in!


  1. Boxes
  2. Wall
  3. Trays
  4. Closet

Fashion bulk jewelry storage ideas: boxes

First of all, perhaps the most convenient and simple way for most fashion bulk jewelry lovers is the jewelry boxes. They can vary from small size to large ones. Therefore, choose the right size according to your jewelry quantities. In addition, as for materials, the most common ones, like wood, fabric, plastic etc. There are different sections for different jewelry pieces, for example, you will find a special place right for your necklaces to keep them tangle-free. Some may have layers drawers, or mirrors etc.

Fashion bulk jewelry storage ideas: wall

If you don’t have enough space for your jewelry boxes, then you can consider using a hanging organizer for your fashion jewelry pieces. In this way, you can let you jewelry separated with each other and be very easy to find the one you want. For example, you can use those special jewelry board to hook your necklaces on it, which can even be a decoration of your room. In addition, you can even find some intricate wall systems for storing all types of fashion bulk jewelry.  Whether for bracelets, rings, or earrings, you can find the right suitable places for them.

Fashion bulk jewelry storage ideas: trays

If you don’t have enough space for storing your fashion bulk jewelry, then jewelry trays can be your wonderful choice. You can put jewelry trays in various kinds of places to keep your jewelry neat and clean. For example, place them in your bed drawer, or simply on your dresser. Especially for those small pieces of jewelry, like rings and earrings, jewelry trays can always keep your fashion bulk jewelry on track and avoid being worn. For example, falling into the sink or under your bed. Meanwhile, most jewelry trays are well-designed, which is also good for room decoration.

Fashion bulk jewelry storage ideas: closet

If you are a crazy jewelry lover, and have a very large collection of fashion bulk jewelry, then jewelry closet can meet your needs. You can have enough space for storing all finds of different jewelry items. For example, there are drawers, built-in hampers, and hanging space for your necklaces etc. It may be relatively expensive than other options, however, if you need a place to keep your fine jewelry, especially for those precious ones, this can be a wonderful choice. Of course, you can also find that many furniture sellers also have such jewelry closets, because sometimes, many people will perceive them as a part of bedroom set.

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial to store your fashion bulk jewelry properly to avoid further damage or lost. There are also many other ways for your jewelry storage, however, these 4 ideas mentioned above can be most cost-effective and worth adopting. If you think this guide has provided some helpful information with you, don’t forget to subscribe to us! Our purpose of writing is to share useful and latest jewelry information with each of you!

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In The End

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