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5 Jewelry Wholesale Tips Of How To Prepare For The Peak Season

For every jewelry wholesale business, peak season can be the most lucrative period of the whole year, your annual turnover can increase greatly by receiving large orders during the peak season. Any events in this period may contain perfect opportunities to boost your sales and expand your customer base.

However, if you fail to prepare for the peak season in time, you might lose this great opportunity to earn profits. In today’s blog, we will introduce you 7 useful jewelry wholesale tips for better preparation. If interested, please follow us to get more information. This guide can help you a lot!

Peak dates for your jewelry wholesale

As wonderful opportunities for jewelry wholesale promotions, there are some important dates you should remember:

  • Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a perfect chance to for jewelry wholesale. Generally, as a symbol of love and romance, most couples will plan their gifts to their loved ones. Jewelry is surely the best one to consider. While, the shopping time for jewelry will generally, 1 or 2 weeks in advance.

  • Mother’s Day

If you sell jewelry wholesale to end customers, then you will get a large amount of orders on Mother’s Day. To express gratitude, people will choose jewelry as gifts. Therefore, you can promote for different types of jewelry with wide price ranges on Mother’s Day.

  • Halloween’s Day

Halloween’s Day has become a popular day around the world, especially in Europe. For jewelry wholesale, it is a good chance to sell special holiday jewelry pieces. Therefore, taking advantage of the special holiday spirit of Halloween to make promotions.

  • Black Friday

Black Friday is a popular day to buy products with discounts, which is a good chance to get bulk orders. Especially for those expensive jewelry pieces, most people will buy their favorite jewelry pieces on Black Friday at cheaper prices than ever.

  • Christmas

There is no doubt that Christmas is definitely an important day to celebrate. People will give gifts to their families and friends, therefore, most of them will plan their gifts at the beginning of the December. According to the data, the annual turnover of jewelry stores will be 20% than usual in December.

  • Boxing Day

Boxing Day is the day right after Christmas. This day is widely considered as an important day for bargains. The boxing day is in popularity around the world from offline to online. Therefore, make sure that you have full stock before Christmas.

5 tips for preparing for the peak season of jewelry wholesale

  • Budget

First of all, taking the budget into consideration. It is of vital importance to have a cushion in case of unexpected expenses. Therefore, referring to the historical data and make predications for all the expenses you need. For example, how much you will spend on the promotional events, what discounts you will set.

  • Stock

Secondly, avoid out of stock. It is important to get full stock before holidays are coming. For example, Christmas will bring a huge number of orders, prepare for your jewelry wholesale stock ahead of time, and leave enough stock for the next boxing day. Meanwhile, you can come to a reliable jewelry supplier for help, like Jewelrykg.

  • Customer service

Bad shopping experiences will damage the reputation of your jewelry wholesale business. Especially in peak season, which is an outstanding opportunity to get contact with new customers, to better maintain the loyalty of your customers, make sure that you have efficient delivery, enough staff, and stock updates.

  • Channels

To enhance the influence of your jewelry wholesale business, by making good use of the peak season, you can widen your promotional channels and try new things. For example, use social media networks, cooperate with influencers, online publications etc.

  • Communication

Communicating with your customers ahead of time to clarify the delivery time during the peak season, especially when you handle bulk orders and the delivery can be delayed sometimes. Let your customers know everything may happen during the peak season, this can avoid the risks of returning products and dissatisfaction.

Final Thoughts

The peak season are on the way, we hope you can be successful by taking advantage of the peak period and making profits. If you are hunting for fine jewelry wholesale pieces, then you can cooperate with Jewelrykg. As an experienced fast-growing jewelry wholesale supplier, we offer you high quality jewelry by weight with no MOQ!

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