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2022 Ultimate Guide Of How To Select Gold Bulk Jewelry

Gold bulk jewelry is one of the most precious and famous jewelry item to invest in. Nowadays the trend of investing in the gold jewelry has caught on like a house on fire. There are masses of jewelry lovers are fascinated by its beautiful appearance as well as its value.

Purchasing gold jewelry is always a delightful shopping experience and also, a worthwhile investment. However, the prices of gold bulk jewelry can also be very expensive, so, how to wisely select the fine and durable gold bulk jewelry for investment? To keep you on track, we’ve created this guide to give you some useful tips for selecting fine gold bulk jewelry. Read further to get more information! This blog can help you a lot.

Researching gold bulk jewelry

  • Purity

When measuring the purity of the gold, we use “K”, also karat, to represent the percentage of the pure gold in the alloy. In fact, the pure gold is not commonly seen in the gold bulk jewelry, because it is very soft and malleable, which needs other alloys mixed to make it more durable to wear. Therefore, the 100% purity, also called, 24k gold, is seldom seen in the jewelry. Meanwhile, if you choose the daily-wearing gold bulk jewelry, no more than 18k is fine, that is also to say, no more than 75% purity of pure gold.

  • Color

Generally speaking, the higher the purity, the more yellow the gold will be. In addition, there are also other gold colors, like rose gold, white gold, black gold, and green gold. In addition to yellow gold, the other colors of gold are typically created by mixing with other metals. For example, the rose gold is the combination of pure gold and copper, while the white gold is the mix of gold and palladium. The green gold, however, is the mix of silver, which is more expensive than other gold jewelry.

  • Gold plating

You will also find lots of gold plated jewelry in the jewelry market. The gold plated jewelry is usually sipping a thin wear of gold on a base metal, for example, brass, which is much cheaper than the other gold bulk jewelry pieces. People are pursing such gold plated jewelry due to its various kinds of fashionable styles and cheap prices, however, sometimes, without special care, it is relatively easy to crack.

Selecting gold bulk jewelry

  • Find a reliable jewelry supplier

Don’t be rush when finding wholesale jewelry supplier online, make comparisons and find detailed information to check whether it is reliable or not. For instance, check out the quality of their gold wholesale jewelry, the return and shipping policy, the reviews and comments and certification and so on. A reliable supplier does not mean a pretty famous one, therefore, do full researches before you purchase gold bulk jewelry online.

  • Find markings

Most gold jewelry buyers pay highly attention to the quality of your gold bulk jewelry, therefore, before sourcing gold jewelry from your supplier, make sure that all of the jewelry have the markings to prove that it is real gold, or 75% gold, or gold plated. After you receive your gold jewelry, look for the hallmarks. Some will show numbers with “K” after it, while some will show certain numbers, for example, for 8k gold jewelry, you may find “333” on it, which means it has 33.3% purity.

  • Warranty

A trusted wholesale jewelry supplier will guarantee the quality of their gold bulk jewelry, therefore, before making purchases, ensure that there are any damages or worn of the jewelry, whether your suppliers can ensure a full refund. After all, the gold jewelry is precious and expensive, so asking about the warranty and return policy before you make large orders.

  • Independent checking

Finally, if you have any problems or doubts about the quality of the gold bulk jewelry, you can also find other experts to check. You can find a professional jewelry expert to examine the gold jewelry.

Final Thoughts

Gold bulk jewelry is a good investment that can last a lifetime. Therefore, make your purchases as wisely as possible. Hope this blog can give some useful information for your gold bulk jewelry purchase. Meanwhile, if you think this guide offers some helpful information to you, don’t forget to subscribe to us! Our mission is to share the latest and useful jewelry information to each of you.

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