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5 Best Wholesale Hair Accessories Suppliers You Can Trust

Wholesale hair accessories are coming back on fashion trends this year. In today’s wholesale jewelry market, there are various designs of hair accessories to suit everyone’s taste. As one of the most welcomed jewelry items pursued by jewelry retailers, the sales of hair accessories has been on the rise for many years. The growing buying trend for wholesale hair accessories has triggered the growth of new styles and designs.

Nowadays, jewelry retailers are in demand, hunting for those fine fashion wholesale hair accessories with affordable prices. Therefore, in today’s blog, we will introduce you 5 most worthwhile reputable wholesale jewelry suppliers who can provide you with latest fashion bulk hair accessories, which can definitely meet your needs.


  1. Jewelrykg
  2. Jewelry & Accessories
  3. JewelryMax
  4. Hair Bow Company
  5. Threddies

No.1: Jewelrykg for wholesale hair accessories

First of all, Jewelrykg can be your most reliable wholesale jewelry supplier. As one of the most fast-growing and reputable online B2B supplier, Jewelrykg is a global jewelry wholesaler that provides jewelry buyers, jewelers, and wholesalers with seamless access to high-quality products at affordable prices. Compared with other Jewelry suppliers, you can buy a diverse collection of wholesale hair accessories by wight here, which is a very innovative and popular way of buying. You can mix and match jewelry at will, according to weight. Not only will you get all the hot-selling hair accessories in vouge, but also reduce your costs to the lowest level.


  • Offer low minimums per order: no MOQ
  • Factory prices
  • Daily updated latest fashion jewelry
  • High quality, no rust, no oxidation
  • Excellent customer services
Wholesale hair accessories

No.2: Jewelry & Accessories for wholesale hair accessories

Secondly, Jewelry & Accessories is one of the most popular and largest wholesale jewelry online suppliers worldwide. With more than 25 years industry experiences, you will find over 10,000 fine jewelry pieces at their online platform. Meanwhile, ranging from hair clips, hair combs, hair claws, to hair ties, they provide different types of fashion wholesale hair accessories with low prices. In addition, they have also developed relationships with numerous wholesalers, chain stores, flea market vendors and so on. With fast delivery speed, your orders can be shipped within 72 hours. You can also return the jewelry pieces within 14 days if you are unsatisfied with them.


  • High quality
  • Excellent after-sale services
  • A wide variety of jewelry styles
Wholesale hair accessories

No.3: JewelryMax for wholesale hair accessories

Thirdly, located in Southern California USA, JewelryMax is a top internet-base fashion jewelry wholesaler. You can find a wide collection of wholesale fashion jewelry from high classes to cheap costume jewelry pieces. Meanwhile, the jewelry sold in JewelryMax is of high quality and designed into unique fashion styles. 100% Customer Satisfaction has been the most significant factor in their success.  The main type of wholesale hair accessories in JewelryMax is the hairbands. You will find numerous fine fashion hairbands styles there. The shipping time is within 24 hours.


  • Exceptional customer services
  • Quick delivery time
  • Various jewelry items with different prices.
Wholesale hair accessories

No.4: Hair Bow Company for wholesale hair accessories

Next, If you go to the Hair Bow Company website, you will find a wide range of unique creative wholesale hair accessories for babies and young girls.  This company is a niche website. They can provide hair bows and flower clips at prices that won’t make you weep. What’s more, the products are singular items, so you can purchase without being restricted to a minimum order. Therefore, if you are into sourcing wholesale hair accessories for kids or girls, you are highly recommended to go to their website to have a look.


  • No MOQ
  • Lovely style for kids and girls
  • Low prices
Wholesale hair accessories

No.5: Threddies for wholesale hair accessories

Threddies can offer you a wide collection of different bulk headbands at wholesale prices. Ranging from knit headbands, elastic headbands, satin headbands, glitter headbands, tie type headbands etc, you are able to find all kinds of headbands you want at Threddies. Meanwhile, they are all in tons of colors, and in any quantity. So, if you’re searching for a wonderful place to purchase headbands in bulk, then this can be the right site for you. You can purchase as many as you like, based on your own preferences.


  • No MOQ
  • Various colors and prints\
  • Reasonable wholesale prices
Wholesale hair accessories

Tips for buying hair accessories in bulk

As a jewelry retailer, in order to gain competitive advantages in the jewelry market, sourcing wholesale jewelry has become the most important key factor for your business. Here are some useful tips for you when you wholesale hair accessories online.

  • Quantity

When you having your own retail online business, be mindful of the quantity of jewelry you need to buy. If you get more stock than you actually need, that can cause financial loss to you. However, if you get less stock than you actually need, that can also let you lose the great opportunities in front of you. For example, in those hot-selling festivals like Christmas Day, if you can not stock the demanded bulk jewelry ahead of time, then you may lose the chance to earn profits.

  • Quality

No matter what you want to wholesale, the quality of the jewelry pieces is always in the top priority. Because the quality of products is directly related with your reputation. The more quality jewelry you can provide, the more potential customers you can get.  For example, if you want to wholesale hair accessories, then even though your prices are higher than other suppliers, as long as you have great quality hair accessories, your customers will understand why your products are expensive and be willing to purchase from you.

  • Update your stock

Keeping up with the fashion jewelry trends is also very crucial for any business. Variety matters when selling your hair accessories. Because your customers won’t want to see the same styles of hair accessories on your website every time. Therefore, finding a jewelry supplier who can provide you the latest updated fashion wholesale hair accessories, like Jewelrykg is a perfect choice. You can build long-term relationship with such jewelry suppliers to keep your inventory updated in time.

Final Words

In order to make your jewelry store much more advantageous than others, finding the right suppliers and effective business strategies are of vital importance. You can also look at our previous blogs for more tips for you to grow your business. Hope this guide can be helpful for you to select your suitable jewelry supplier. If you are not sure which supplier to cooperate with, Jewelrykg can always be your best reliable friend, you can always trust us.

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