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5 Benefits Of Outsourcing Bulk Jewelry Production To China

Wholesale bulk jewelry online has become a popular and profitable industry. However, for those bulk jewelry wholesalers who do not have their own manufacturers, manufacturing bulk jewelry in an efficient way is of vital importance, while China can be best place having the ability of producing an extensive variety of bulk fashion jewelry pieces at low prices.

One challenge that almost all the jewelry businesses may encounter, is the need the get new fashion bulk jewelry to the market as quickly as possible. So, you may wonder: why so many jewelry businesses are outsourcing bulk jewelry to China? What are the main benefits of doing that? If you are hunting for cheap quality bulk jewelry for your own wholesale business, or retail store, then you are highly recommended to read this guide! We will tell you the top 4 benefits you can get from outsourcing jewelry in China. Follow us, let’s dive in!

Why China is a perfect place for manufacturing jewelry?

First of all, from the jewelry itself, jewelry has the features of small volume, low shipping costs and high profits. As one of the top 10 best products to import from China, wholesale bulk jewelry from China has become a trend. In addition, China accounts for 1/5 of the global manufacturing, which is the largest manufacturing country on the earth. In the last decade, the jewelry import volume has surged at a high speed from China, the wholesale jewelry industry has stepped into a rapid developing stage. As one of the largest jewelry market, jewelry retailers from different parts of world are sourcing all kinds of bulk jewelry pieces from China. Especially for many jewelry startups, they will consider reducing costs by outsourcing their products to countries like China.

Benefits Of outsourcing bulk jewelry production to China

  • Affordable prices

When you choose to outsource bulk jewelry production to China, you will cut your manufacturing costs to the lowest. Because you can affordable fine bulk jewelry very quickly. This is mainly because most of the manufacturers in China can offer many discounts when you order in bulk. Meanwhile, the same Chinese wholesalers, who have their own factories locally. For example, if you choose to buy bulk jewelry from Jewelrykg, then you can benefit a lot from buying by weight, from which you will reduce much costs, meanwhile, you can get more for you have paid.

  • Excellent services

Here, the services refer to the delivery efficiency, production efficiency, and so on. You will always get great results by outsourcing bulk jewelry to Chinese jewelry manufacturers. Because China is a country with large population, most of the jewelry factories in China have numerous employees to produce bulk jewelry efficiently. Therefore, by outsourcing jewelry to China, you will save much labor costs.

  • Expend your market

When you cooperate with wholesale bulk jewelry manufacturers in China, you will get closer to Chinese market. Nowadays, the Asian consumer market is growing at an high speed. If you have built long-term relationship with your jewelry supplier, you it becomes easier for you to expand your market to China or other Asian countries, which will further expand your global business.

  • Competitive edge

Compared with other bulk jewelry manufacturers, Chinese manufacturers or wholesalers can not only provide you with a wide variety of fine bulk jewelry made with all kinds of materials and styles at low prices, but also give you the excellent fast delivery. Meanwhile, as one of the largest jewelry production market, there are lots of large factories and professional jewelry design teams, which can also provide you with excellent customized services.

3 best places to source bulk jewelry in China

  • Guangzhou

Guangzhou is one of most popular place for sourcing wholesale jewelry, which is famous for its specialization and high quality production. You will find lots of fashion jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers in Guangzhou, which can provide you with the trendies fine jewelry with high quality and factory prices.

  • Yiwu

As the largest wholesale market in the world. What makes Yiwu as a famous wholesale jewelry place is that it can produce cheap jewelry with all kinds of different materials and styles, especially for costume jewelry. Meanwhile, most of Yiwu’s jewelry manufacturers offer no MOQ.

  • Qingdao

If you want to buy Korean style fashion jewelry in bulk, then you can choose to go to Qingdao for your production. Located in the northeast of China, Qingdao has a wonderful location close to Korea, which can provide you with latest Korean style fashion wholesale jewelry pieces with low prices and good quality.

Final Words

Hope this article helps you a lot in outsourcing jewelry from China. If you are hunting for a reliable jewelry supplier in China, you can directly contact with Jewelrykg. As one of the most reliable and reputable jewelry wholesaler, we can offer you the top quality jewelry pieces with factory prices with no MOQ!

Thanks for reading this post, whatever problems you have, just drop us a comment below. We care about every customer and welcome any suggestions and opinions. Cooperating with us, you can get a wide range of updated high quality fashion jewelry pieces with factory prices! Your support will make a great difference to us!

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