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2022 New Bulk Jewelry Buying Guide For Jewelry Retailers

The market for jewelry retail contains huge potential for growth, more and more people are interested in bulk jewelry buying to earn more profits. Compared with buying jewelry pieces individually, there is no doubt that bulk jewelry buying can be extremely cost-effective and profitable. Whereas, bulk jewelry buying is all about finding reliable and legitimate wholesale jewelry suppliers, and you will find that there are a huge amount of wholesale businesses are offering such services.

So, how to make the bulk jewelry buying be your most competitive edge over other jewelry retailers? After reading this blog, I believe you will have a clearer picture of bulk jewelry buying, thus making reasonable and wise decisions to earn profits. If the bulk jewelry buying sounds like something you’d like to try, then you’re in the best place! In this blog, we’ll give you detailed information about how to make full use of bulk jewelry buying.

Wholesale jewelry from a manufacturer?

First of all, buying retail and wholesale are two different things. Bulk jewelry buying can bring you discounted prices of your orders.

You may wonder that how about buy bulk jewelry from a jewelry manufacturer directly instead of from middlepersons? Let’s look at the whole process before the jewelry pieces are sold to end consumers.

  1. The jewelry manufacturer produces the jewelry.
  2. The jewelry wholesaler contacts distributor to buy jewelry in bulk.
  3. The retailer purchase jewelry pieces from wholesaler to sell.

However, for some jewelry wholesalers, they are also jewelry distributors and manufactures, therefore, in this case, bulk jewelry buying from those wholesalers can help you reduce the inventory costs. Jewelrykg, for example, can provide jewelry buyers, jewelers, and wholesalers with seamless access to high-quality jewelry pieces at affordable prices. Plus, what makes Jewelrykg different from other jewelry suppliers is that, you can buy jewelry by weight. Buying jewelry by weight is a very innovative way of buying, which means, you can mix and match jewelry based on your own preferences, which can further reduce your costs.

How to find a wholesaler for bulk jewelry buying?

Finding a reliable jewelry wholesaler for bulk jewelry buying is certainly a good way to reduce costs. However, first of all, you need to know what are the common types of wholesalers.

  • Manufacturers

As we mentioned before, some jewelry wholesalers are also manufactures, therefore, for bulk jewelry buying, finding those wholesalers is definitely much more cost-saving, because there is less middleperson to charge additional costs. You can get cheaper priced jewelry in bulk by cooperating with those wholesalers.

  • Merchant wholesalers

The jewelry merchant wholesalers generally act as an intermediary to buy jewelry pieces from manufactures and then sell them to third parties, like jewelry retailers, end consumers, or other jewelry wholesalers. Buying from merchant wholesalers is that you can get different jewelry pieces from different manufactures.

  • Retail wholesalers

Retail jewelry wholesalers usually sell jewelry pieces to jewelry retailers, from which the jewelry prices can be at a markup from the jewelry manufacturers.

How to make bulk jewelry buying work for you?

Bulk jewelry buying has numerous benefits for jewelry retailers, however, making it really work for you is not an easy task. First of all, you’ve to choose the reliable jewelry suppliers that you have worked with for many years or those who have good reputation in the jewelry market. In order to find the most suitable one, you have to do full researches beforehand, you can look at our previous blog to learn how to select a good wholesale jewelry supplier.

In addition to this, a particular way for bulk jewelry buying recommended in this guide, is buying jewelry by weight. For bulk jewelry buying, this can be a cheaper purchasing model than regular wholesale prices. By calculating prices by weight, you can save much money on sourcing jewelry. Meanwhile, buying jewelry by weight is also a very innovative and popular way for bulk jewelry buying online in the jewelry market. You can give it try.

Other factors to consider for bulk jewelry buying?

  • How your supplier clean and repair jewelry

Don’t forget to ask your jewelry suppliers about how they take care of the jewelry pieces, especially when you find that the jewelry you bought are broken or worn within a short period after you have purchased it. In addition, pay attention to the return policy and relevant warranty of your wholesale jewelry suppliers.

  • Keep an eye on shipping time

Make sure you know the launch date and arrival date. It would be really frustrated if you know your bulk jewelry buying pieces will take a few weeks to ship, especially for international shipping.

  • Negotiate with them

For bulk jewelry buying, don’t be afraid to negotiate the prices or ask for discounts of your orders. If you want to build long-term relationship with them, let your suppliers know.

Final Words

For bulk jewelry buying, it is always important to keep your costs as lowest as possible. Hope this guide can be helpful for you to select your suitable jewelry supplier. If you are not sure which supplier to cooperate with, Jewelrykg can always be your best reliable friend, you can always trust us.

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