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2022 Millennial Purchasing Trends Of Fashion Bulk Jewelry

Consumer habits can have a great impact on your fashion bulk jewelry business. With the ever-increasing changes of digital world, when operating your fashion bulk jewelry business, you have to keep track of your customer purchasing habits, as their habits shift, it may offer challenges, or opportunities for your brand. So, here, with the development of online e-commerce, millennial can be the major buying groups for your jewelry wholesale business.

Millennial refers to those who born between 1982 to 1996. That is to say, the oldest millennial generation is 40 years old now, therefore, you will notice that most millennials are just in the peak of careers, and they are you major target groups. In order to let your fashion bulk jewelry business better follow up with the millennial purchasing trends, we will share with you the detailed information about the new buying guide in this blog. If you like this article, do not forget to subscribe to us!


  1. Social media
  2. Good buying experiences
  3. Quality ads
  4. Personalization
  5. Loyalty

New buying trends of fashion bulk jewelry: social media

There is no doubt that millennials are the loyalty users for social media platforms. If you are operating a jewelry business, no matter what kinds of business you are in, promoting your fashion bulk jewelry on social media will never go wrong. Because for those buyers, they use social media to purchase goods very frequently. And you can get full attention in the long run. With the increasing popularity of Instagram Shopping and the Facebook Marketplace, millennials are widely attracted with the fine goods on social media. Therefore, for selling bulk jewelry, you are highly recommended to build your presence on social media to drive traffic. Some popular ones like Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter and so on.

New buying trends of fashion bulk jewelry: good buying experiences

The living standards of millennials are generally high, therefore, when buying fashion bulk jewelry online, they may be willing to make full comparison before making decisions. Therefore, providing excellent customer services to create a happy buying experience is of vital importance. For example, you can make your website easy to browse and update it frequently. Meanwhile, having more personalized interaction with them, this can let them feel specially cared and valued, thus making your customers more willing to be loyal with you.

New buying trends of fashion bulk jewelry: quality ads

Most millennials don’t like traditional advertisement, and they may feel that the advertisements are unreliable. Therefore, quality advertisements are very important. You need to pay attention to the content in your ads, like words, tones, real stories, to make your customers feel that you are reliable. Plus, instead of posting ads everywhere, the effective way is to let your customers explore your ads by themselves. For example, you can encourage your fashion bulk jewelry buyers to make comments or share their shopping experiences from you. Additionally, you can also use influencer marketing to better market your fashion bulk jewelry business.

New buying trends of fashion bulk jewelry: personalization

The millennials prefer personalized and customized jewelry pieces. As a fashion bulk jewelry seller, it is essential to know your target audience and competitors well before tapping into the market. Therefore, you need to make your fashion bulk jewelry be more competitive than others. You can focus on the prices, qualities, styles, or discounts etc. No matter what it is, making it special and attractive enough to your target audience. You can cooperate with a wonderful jewelry supplier to gain advantages. For example, Jewelrykg can offer you a wide range of daily-updated fine fashion bulk jewelry at factory prices with no MOQ. Through buying jewelry by weight, you can to get higher profits by reducing each jewelry piece’s costs to the lowest.

New buying trends of fashion bulk jewelry: loyalty

You may think that millennials are highly selective and uneasy to deal with, however, that is not the case. Once they get a reliable jewelry seller, they are very likely to build a long-term relationship with you. Therefore, loyalty programs can be effective for you. The loyalty programs can come with various forms, like offering discounts, VIP events, free shipping program etc. All of these activities are aimed to let your customers know that they are valued. For example, as long as you build a long-term relationship with Jewelrykg, you will get lots of benefits for making orders. If you are interested in buying fashion bulk jewelry with high quality and low prices, you can feel free to contact us!

Final Thoughts

Millennial generation is a major purchasing power in today’s market. To better grow your fashion bulk jewelry business, remember to keep a close eye on the new buying trends and update yourself in time. Hope this guide can provide you with some helpful information. If you are desire to source fine jewelry in bulk, you can also go to for exploration.

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