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2022 Complete Guide Of How To Wear Bulk Anklets Properly

Bulk anklets have been significantly selected by jewelry buyers in recent years. Anklets can be a highlight point to accentuate your whole outfits and special elegance. Usually be worn in exposion of skin, that is to say, for consumers, summer is the wonderful season to buy anklets to show your beauty, for jewelry sellers, summer is the best season to get more profits from buying bulk anklets with the latest fashion styles.

As jewelry business owners selling bulk anklets, knowing your main jewelry items is of vital importance, therefore, in this guide, we will explore the anklet etiquette rules in depth. If you are interested in this, please follow us, this guide can surely help you a lot.


  1. Position
  2. Occasions
  3. Outfits

How to wear bulk anklets properly: position

In most cases, most people will tend to wear anklets under the ankle bone, of course, you can wear them based on your own preference as long as you find them be comfortable on you. For example, some people prefer to wear them above the ankle bone tightly, while other may tend to wear them under the ankle bone loosely. However, no matter where you wear them, be sure to wear on bare legs only, instead of on your pantyhose or socks. In addition, there is no certain rules about wearing your bulk anklets on which legs, in most cultures, it is your choice to wear the bracelet on one or both ankles. However, in some cultures, there may be something related with social status, wealth status, or marriages concerning this matter.

How to wear bulk anklets properly: occasions

Although bulk anklets can be very stylish and appealing for you to highlight your beauty, there are some occasions you shouldn’t wear them, like workplace or other formal activities, especially for those bulk anklets having bells or pendants, which can be easy to make sounds. However, your bulk anklets can work very well with such occasions like parties, festivals, and outdoor activities etc. Because when you choose to wear anklets, you may want to let them to be seen, therefore, the common occasion to wear anklets is on beaches, paired with shorts or skirts. For example, with this anklet showed below from Jewelrykg can add a charming touch to your swimsuit, which can let you stand out among the crowds easily.

bulk anklets

How to wear bulk anklets properly: outfits

No matter what kind of outfits you decide to wear your anklets with, make sure it can reflect your style to the best instead of making it strange on you. To better help you achieve this, we have some matching tips for you to give you some inspiration. All of the bulk anklets listed below are from Jewelrykg, if you are interested in any one of them, just click the picture to get more information from Jewelrykg.com!

  • Gold Bulk Anklets

Gold Anklets are often adorned with pendants around the links. These anklets can pair beautifully with elegant heels and simple light-colored outfits.

bulk anklets
  • Silver bulk anklets

Silver anklets can create a simple casual look, which are perfect for summer shoe, such as sliders, backless loafers, or flip-flops, and summer style outfits.

bulk anklets
  • Pearl bulk anklets

Pearl anklets, especially with beaded style, can be layered with other metal anklets, like silver ones, to create a fashionable look. Dresses or skirts for daily wear will be fine, because such beaded anklets are widely available and fun to wear on many occasions.

bulk anklets

Final Thoughts

Anklets can be a fashion-forward and charming jewelry item to wear. Of course you can wear them based on your own preferences, it is your choice to let it be comfortable with you. However, if you want to make the most of your bulk anklets, that is also to say, let your anklets make you more charming and attractive, you can follow these rules mentioned above. If you are interested in the bulk anklets styles, you can go to Jewelrykg.com to look for more outstanding bulk jewelry items.

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