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Why Are Wholesale Chokers In High Demand In 2022

Fashion jewelry trends go back and forth like the seasons. Wholesale chokers are making a comeback and dominating the jewelry world, becoming one of the most popular wholesale pieces this summer.

The neck is not only a very fragile part of the body, but also one of the focal points of female beauty. Many women will choose chokers to let their necks look gorgeous and attractive. And buying wholesale chokers can be a wonderful choice to get those stunning fine chokers at affordable prices.

However, when you buy jewelry in bulk, have you ever heard of buying jewelry wholesale by kilogram? As a creative and cost-effective way of purchasing, having a full understanding of this innovative sales model can significantly improve the efficiency of your purchases and at the same time, maximize cost savings to the fullest.

In this blog, we will dive deep into the wholesale chokers and this new sales model to help you make better choices!

This history of chokers

With plenty of glamour, drama, and gender-bending, the history of chokers is both complex and fascinating. It seems like chokers represent the symbol of gender equity and a revolt against power, making this simple piece of jewelry very attractive and mystical.

The history of choker can go back to hundreds of years. In ancient Egypt, jewelry was used to protect vulnerable body parts such as the head, wrists, and neck. At that time, Egyptians believed that chokers had special protective abilities and often wore them to prevent injury.

Later, chokers were widely adopted by Europeans during the Enlightenment. Initially they ceased to serve martial or protective roles. For example, it is said that, during the French Revolution, women in France would wear red ribbons around their necks to honor those who had died on the guillotine.

However, this had changed in the 1860s, the chokers had some connections with prostitutes.

Then, during the Victorian era, chokers are deeply loved by the queens. One of them was Alexandra of Denmark, who became the queen of the UK later. She really loved chokers, but was not simply for beauty, but rather due to a scar on her neck after the surgery.

After that, chokers are mainly popular among the upper classes as a symbol of status and wealth. But with the second Industrial Revolution and the advent of mass production, every young girl could buy a piece of choker for 10 cents.

Until now, chokers, especially wholesale chokers are widely pursued around the world, made of different materials with creative fashion designs.

Why wholesale chokers are so popular?

After we have a basic knowledge about the history of chokers, let’s talk about why the wholesale chokers are so popular nowadays, and how to make profits by selling wholesale chokers.

As we all know that wholesale model is a very efficient way to reduce unit costs through bulk sales. You will find numerous jewelry retailers are sourcing for wholesale jewelry pieces to cut costs. However, how to gain competitive edge among those jewelry retailers by buying in bulk? It can be quite difficult, even if you find a reliable wholesale chokers supplier who can provide you with low prices, you can still not sure whether those wholesale chokers are in good quality without any faults, because all the jewelry is sold by weight and has a very cheap prices, and very likely, the wholesale chokers you bought there are all non-returnable and non-exchangeable. What’s more, it can be really annoying if you get the bulk jewelry of poor quality, which is very old, dirty, and even has obvious scratches.

However, buying jewelry by weight can avoid such situations. Actually, jewelry wholesale by the kilo is a highly cost-effective procurement model, which is much cheaper even than the regular wholesale prices. You can get wholesale chokers randomly placed in the package, and the price is calculated according to the weight. For example, Jewelrykg is a leading wholesale jewelry company who uses this innovative sales model to sell jewelry. When you purchase wholesale jewelry from them, you will get such benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Assured quality
  • Latest new styles
  • Multiple options
  • Mix as wish

Top latest wholesale chokers styles

Here are some top popular wholesale chokers styles in vogue this year, all of them are in the newest style, which are absolutely worth buying, let’s take a look:

  • Black chokers
wholesale chokers
  • Lace chokers
wholesale chokers
  • Leather chokers
wholesale chokers
  • Pearl chokers
wholesale chokers
  • Rhinestone chokers
wholesale chokers

Final Words

Chokers have withstood the test of time, highlighting their values. With so much symbolism attached to the simple chokers, they will still be in vogue in the future.

Thank you for reading this blog, whatever problems you have, just drop us a comment below. We care about every customer and welcome any suggestions and opinions. Cooperating with us, you can get a wide range of updated high quality fashion jewelry pieces with factory prices! Your support will make a great difference to us!

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