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Transformation Of Jewelry Wholesale Market (2022 Updated)

The jewelry wholesale industry has entered a new era of sales. B2B Ecommerce marketplaces are a wonderful option for those who want to step into the jewelry wholesale industry. Actually, ecommerce is nothing new to jewelry wholesale market, and the future of jewelry wholesale industry will put a greater  reliance on the technology.

In this blog, we will dive deep into the jewelry wholesale market, and see the transformation and future trends of jewelry wholesale industry.

Challenges faced by jewelry wholesale industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new changes in the consumer buying behavior. A major challenge in the jewelry wholesale industry today is disintermediation. Many jewelry wholesale manufacturers have started selling directly to retailers, eliminating the wholesalers from the supply chain. That is also to say, B2B wholesale purchase increasingly resembles B2C purchase in some key respects. Nowadays, the B2B jewelry wholesale buyers want to have the B2C purchase experience, which allows them to customize or personalize services when ordering jewelry. And all of this requires the jewelry wholesale business to embrace the technological advances in order to thrive in the future.

This has led to the emergence of a new model of cross-border e-commerce: building the DTC brand.

Building a DTC brand is no longer a “niche strategy” for new brands to enter the market, but a “mainstream trend” that cannot be ignored for mature enterprises.

B2B wholesale vs. DTC ecommerce

First, let’s quickly define and compare the two business models.

B2B wholesale means selling products in bulk to retailers, the retailers then resell small quantities of products to end consumers.

DTC ecommerce refers to a business model in which enterprises can directly reach consumers, focus on the consumer experience, and rebuild the user relationships. That is to say, DTC allows manufacturers to sell directly to end consumers through online media. In other words, there is no “retail middlemen”.

In recent years, DTC business model has swept many industries, greatly shortening the success time of new brands, and has become one of the hottest business trends.

Characteristics of DTC:

  • No middlemen: DTC business model doesn’t need any wholesaler or retailer to manage products.
  • End-to-end: DTC brands can process an all-in-one order management from manufacturing, marketing, selling, to shipping.
  • Platforms: DTC companies usually use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google etc. to sell their products directly to consumers.

However, What is the advantages of the DTC that allows global giants, such as Procter & Gamble, Glossier, Carrefour, to enter the DTC field by acquisitions? And why it can let the new brands like SHEIN, PatPat, Anker rise rapidly in only a very short period of time?

The importance of DTC mode

Let’s look at an example: Perfect Diary

Perfect Diary is a Chinese fashion beauty brand founded in 2017. Within 3 years, its Tmall sales on Tmall can force the domestic peers, and even surpass the international brands. And DTC plays an indispensable role.

By using the DTC mode, instead of making investment in traditional ads, Perfect diary turns its attention to social media platforms such as Xiaohongshu and wechat (popular social media platforms in China). At the same time, using the brand IP and community channels to reach consumer groups accurately, directly face consumer needs and suggestions. As a resuly, Perfect Diary quickly grow into a well-known domestic beauty brand in a relatively short time.

In other words, from the product selection to delivery, the DTC model can control the customer experience completely. Not only do this improve the customer focus, but also provide merchants with a comprehensive understanding of their business, as well as critical insight into product sales and ready-to-use customer data. Plus, “no middlemen” means lower distribution costs.

Jewelrykg, a leading jewelry wholesale supplier

Jewelrykg is a leading professional online jewelry wholesale supplier in the jewelry industry selling jewelry by the kilo. They can provide a wide range of latest fine jewelry pieces ranging from bracelet, brooches, chokers, earrings, hair accessories, key chains, necklaces, to rings and more. All those fine jewelry pieces are sold by kilo on their website, which is a very innovative and cost-effective sales model.

Not only does Jewelrykg seize the new opportunity of DTC mode, but also adopts a very creative and budget-friendly sales model: jewelry wholesale by the kilogram. Thus, it has become one of the most reputable and reliable jewelry wholesale supplier in the industry.

jewelry wholesale

What is jewelry wholesale by the kilogram?

In the jewelry wholesale market, you must be very familiar with the bulk buying. If you are a jewelry retailer, you will know that buying jewelry wholesale in bulk is far more affordable than paying at actual retail prices.

Actually, jewelry wholesale by the kilo is a cheaper purchasing model even than the regular wholesale prices. The jewelry is randomly placed in the package, and the price is calculated according to the weight.

Compared with those defective jewelry sold by the bulk, Jewelrykg puts the quality into the first place. Their mission is to offer our customers a hassle-free experience, whether you’re ordering your first piece or your hundredth.

jewelry wholesale

The integration of B2B and DTC

Whether it’s for businesses or individual consumers, in terms of DTC, B2B companies are also selling their own products or services. Actually, before DTC mode, B2B businesses have attached great importance to the maintenance of their own digital channels (such as official website, blog, etc.), so, the integration into DTC mode will help B2B businesses guide customers to the direct purchase.

Meanwhile, B2B jewelry wholesale businesses can pay more close attention to the decision makers themselves. In addition to timely and personalized responses on the official website and social media, they can also have direct contact and communication with users.

Therefore, for B2B brands, DTC mode helps them restore the real user images. By emphasizing the real and personalized experience, B2B jewelry wholesale businesses can also launch targeted content that users are interested in, so as to build user’s loyalty.

Final Words

In the post-epidemic era, DTC brands have become one of the mainstream trends of cross-border e-commerce. By facing consumers directly without middlemen, DTC not only can save costs greatly, but also have more control over consumer data and user experience.

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