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Medieval Retro Bulk Jewelry Styles In Vogue (2022 Updated)

The retro bulk jewelry is a hit this year. So, today, we are going to explore the Medieval jewelry styles. We all know that the Medieval ages is also called the “dark Ages”. However, what are the features of the jewelry styles at that time? Even Though the whole Medieval era was drowned into darkness, the jewelry styles was worth admired and referred by today’s modern retro bulk jewelry designs.

If you a jewelry retailer who are hunting for some unique retro bulk jewelry pieces, then you can not miss this guide! We’ve listed the most popular unique retro jewelry styles with Medieval era features this year. If interested, please follow us, let’s start our wonderful jewelry adventure!

About Medieval jewelry

The Medieval period started from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance (the 5th to 15th century). During the Medieval era, most wonderful jewelry pieces were only restricted to church, noble and royal people. Because for most Europe population, that was a dark time with endless wars, plague and famine. Therefore, the jewelry at that time represents the social status, wealth, and power.

  • Material

For those high classes, the main materials used in jewelry design, are most precious metals and gemstones with high value, like gold, pearls, amber, ruby and so on. However, for average citizens, most jewelry pieces were made of copper, brass, and other base metals.

  • Styles

At that time, jewelry items are usually made for men. Some most common jewelry items styles like earrings, brooches, necklaces, and rings. Meanwhile, in addition to these, there are also many personal adornments like hair pins, arm rings, ankle rings, buttons and so on.

  • Symbolism

The main feature of Medieval jewelry is the religious style. Influenced by Christianity, many jewelry pieces were featured with religious patterns, like the symbol of cross, which represents the lives of saints. Meanwhile, the nature patterns like deer, sea creatures, and snake were also very common in jewelry designs.

Popular retro bulk jewelry: earrings

The instinct feature of Medieval jewelry is luxury. Among the most popular retro bulk jewelry pieces, it is easy to find jewelry with vintage styles, however, most of them have bold color and exaggerated design, which is difficult for daily wearing. Therefore, those retro bulk jewelry with modern style enjoys a great popularity. For example, this pair of chic golden square rhinestone drop earrings can be a perfect example. The first impression of it, is the stunning golden appearance, after that, you will notice a large blue gemstone, which instantly bring a vintage feel. Whereas, the most outstanding design of the whole earrings, is the small square hoop with little  rhinestones layered on it. This design is the key to give the whole earrings a modern fashionable feeling for people to wear on everyday occasion. Therefore, this is really a classic example for retro bulk jewelry.

retro bulk jewelry

Popular retro bulk jewelry: necklaces

Pearls are the favorite jewelry material throughout the history, the Medieval era is no exception. Instead of the normal round pearls, the oval pearls are particularly liked for those retro bulk jewelry designs. For these pearls can better highlight the vintage sense of the old history. Here, for example, this necklace is super stunning and retro with its single pearl beaded necklace. However, what makes it most special and unique, is the layered golden necklace, which is extremely stylish and modern. The strong contrast of the two things just have a sparkle connection with each other. Plus, you will notice that there is a shiny water drop pendant to make it more retro and classic.

retro bulk jewelry

Popular retro bulk jewelry: rings

Rings are also a symbol of power and social status in ancient times. Especially for nobilities and royalties, delicate carved rings are particularly loved by those wealthy people. However, people tend to love those simple rings, instead of those exaggerated vintage ones. Therefore, the most popular style, in this year, is those simple chic style with a little retro feeling. For example, the ring showed below can be a very good choice for you. This ring will immediately attract your attention with its two gemstones of different colors, one is light green, while the other is dark green, one is large, while the other is small. The ingenious design mixed with retro feeling is just perfect combination for this ring. The gold-plated surface just add a sense of classic and fashion, especially with the open style, it is just outstanding and perfect.

retro bulk jewelry

Popular retro bulk jewelry: bracelets

Just as we mentioned before, the Medieval jewelry is closely related with religious beliefs. The cross is widely used in jewelry to express the belief in Christian. Therefore, when the cross appears in the retro bulk jewelry design, people will think of the religion, which will give the whole jewelry piece a vintage tag. This bracelet, however, just breaks that rule. At the first glance, you will be amazed that the design of the cross is pretty delicate and exquisite. Golden appearance with rhinestones on the four corners of the cross, plus, the rhinestones also form a cross right in the center of the large cross, which is just awesome. Meanwhile, the left part of the bracelet, is the clip chain, whereas the right part of it, are the pearl beads. You won’t regret buying it.

retro bulk jewelry

Popular retro bulk jewelry: brooches

The last retro bulk jewelry item recommended here, is a special delicate vintage brooch. Just like the picture showed below. The featured color of it is red. Combined with the gold-brown color, a vintage feeling immediately floods in. you will also notice that on the each side of the brooch, there are two crowns, inlaid with delicate small golden beads. Meanwhile, on the top of the crown, the light green natural stone just adds a further revival style. It would just look gorgeous on you if you pair it with a light color outfit with heavy material. With affordable prices and high quality, if you are not attracted by this style, you can hunt for more retro bulk jewelry styles on!

retro bulk jewelry

Final Thoughts

If you love retro bulk jewelry, these styles mentioned above can be your excellent choice. No matter whether you love unique style, or modern style, you can always find the one right suitable for your own preference from us. Whatever kinds of jewelry styles you want, just drop us a comment below, and we’ll help you get started! If you think this guide has provided some helpful information with you, don’t forget to subscribe to us! Our purpose of writing is to share useful and latest jewelry information with each of you!

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In The End

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