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How To Pick Wholesale Earrings For Sensitive Ears (2022 Updated)

At Jewelrykg, We believe every girl should wear safe and comfortable jewelry pieces. For wholesale earrings, we hold the mission of providing the best high quality earrings for those who have sensitive ears at the best prices. Not all girls know whether they have sensitive skins, some may know they have an allergy to some particular wholesale earrings materials until they put them on. Therefore, we want each of you know how to pick wholesale earrings for sensitive earrings to avoid allergy.

Here, we’ve created this guide for you to choose the safe and fashion wholesale earrings collections. It is our first priority to make you satisfied with every shopping experience from us. So, follow us, we will be super happy if you can get some helpful information from this blog!

Pick wholesale earrings for sensitive ears: what is a jewelry allergy?

Simply put, the jewelry allergy happens due to your pierced ears. when your ears are pierced, the inner ear lobes will have a direct contact with the earrings materials, if the materials are not safe, they may act as a ultimate source to your thin earlobes. Generally, you may have uncomfortable feelings or see some symptoms within 12 to 48 hours. The allergy can happen at any age. It is also a very common situation to have an allergy to your wholesale earrings. So, if you buy wholesale earrings online for the first time, then choose the relatively safe metals.

Pick wholesale earrings for sensitive ears: what are symptoms?

Just like we mentioned above, with 12 to 48 hours, you may notice the blisters, redness or bumps to your skin. Meanwhile, you may feel very itchy and uncomfortable. The most common symptom is that, your skin may turn red and warm, even with pus. For example, the nickel. You’d better take it seriously. Because even if your skins are turning red or flaking, however, it can result in serious infection like pus.

Pick wholesale earrings for sensitive ears: what are the best metals?

  • Pure gold

Gold jewelry is your wonderful choice. However, as for 24k gold earrings, they are too soft to be used in jewelry. Therefore, 14k gold is a good choice. Meanwhile, yellow and rose gold will be better. Because sometimes, white gold may contain nickel, which is easy to cause allergies.

  • Sterling silver

Just like gold jewelry, sterling silver is also a good choice for your wholesale earrings. Sterling silver, also called 925 silver, is made of 92.5% pure silver and other metals, usually copper. In addition, sterling silver wholesale earrings are much cheaper than gold jewelry.

  • Platinum and Titanium

Few people have allergies with platinum and titanium. They are hard and durable. However, much more expensive than the most precious metals.

Pick wholesale earrings for sensitive ears: nickel

Pay attention to nickel. Because most allergies are mainly caused by this material. In most cases, nickel is usually used in strengthening some soft metals like gold and silver. Especially for gold plated jewelry. Make sure that there is no nickel of them. Because sometimes when the gold plating is worn, the revealed metal may be the nickel, which may cause allergies to your ears. Therefore, knowing exactly the materials of your wholesale earrings is very necessary and important.

Pick wholesale earrings for sensitive ears: recommended styles

On Jewelrykg.com, you will find a wide collection of trendy wholesale earrings. You can buy them by kilogram with no MOQ. Here, we’ve listed some of the most popular safe wholesale earrings for you to choose. You are highly recommended to buy those comfortable stunning types. These earrings are both safe and trendy. Each of them is new-arrived in vogue, you should not miss them! They are worth you every penny!

Final Thoughts

Most people may have sensitive ears after their ears are pierced. However, no matter whether you have sensitive ears, when choosing wholesale earrings, it is always a perfect choice to choose from a wonderful reliable jewelry supplier. At Jewelrykg, all of our earrings are made of high quality materials and well-designed with care. You are highly welcomed to cooperate with us!

If you have any questions or opinions, please leave a message below, we will be very happy to hear your voices!

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