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7 Popular Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers Without MOQ (2022 Updated)

Wholesale jewelry industry is becoming increasingly popular. And a lot of new wholesalers have been springing up in recent years.

MOQ (Minimum order quantity) is the fewest number of units that a supplier can sell to a single customer at one time. Sometimes suppliers may accept less orders to get a higher unit price. therefore, the more you order, the bigger the discount.

For most start-up wholesale retailers, lack of MOQ is an important issue. If you are looking for trusted jewelry wholesalers to resell, these 7 suppliers with no minimum order quantity (MOQ) are highly recommended for you.


  1. Jewelrykg
  2. Tomade
  3. Yaaku
  4. DHgate
  5. Silverdepot
  6. SilverBene
  7. Nihaojewelry


Jewelrykg.com is one of the most popular and fast-growing wholesale jewelry company with office in Los Angeles, CA. They offer excellent services to all jewelry buyers, jewelers, and wholesalers around the world. Jewelrykg has a wide range of updated bulk jewelry pieces, from bracelets, rings, chockers, to earrings, body jewelry and hair accessories etc. Most importantly, they provide bulk jewelry with no MOQ. With fast turnarounds times, whether you’re ordering your first piece or your hundredth, you can always enjoy the high quality products with affordable prices.

Wholesale jewelry


Tomade is one of the famous suppliers that offers fashion jewelry and accessories to buyers around the world. With lots of jewelry designers and their own factory alliances, Tomade distinguishes itself with good quality jewelry products and low prices in the wholesale industry. With no MOQ, you can find a wide collection of various styles of products ranging from basic to exotic, simple to extravagant, which are suitable for every season and occasion.

Wholesale jewelry


Located in Guangzhou of China, Yaaku.com is a Chinese wholesale retailer. By providing global services to over 50 countries, Yaaku is becoming a rapid growing online jewelry retailer worldwide. Their vision is: One world, one price.  They provide wholesale products ranging from jewelry and accessories as well as all kinds of clothing, like dresses, sweaters, tops, jackets and so on. Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, or shopper, one of the biggest advantages of Yaaku is that, they can offer you wholesale products with no MOQ.

Wholesale jewelry


As the world’s leading online wholesale platform for goods made in China, DHgate is an online popular marketplace to buy jewelry at a fraction of the price. DHgate hosts more than 30 million products, including apparel and accessories, electronics, toys, bags and jewelry, etc.  With no MOQ, you can get low prices here with a fast and safe buying environment. In addition to low prices, DHgate also guarantees good after-sale services, you can get a full refund of you are not satisfied with the goods.

Wholesale jewelry


Silverdepot is a popular online silver jewelry wholesaler, who provides high-quality and cheap wholesale sterling silver jewelry, 10k and 14k Gold Jewelry. With a wide collection of bulk jewelry, Silverdepot hosts an unmatched selection of wholesale silver jewelry, including pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings etc. Whether you are purchasing a single pair of silver earrings for no more than $5.00 or thousands of dollars to resell, purchasing your silver jewelry from Silverdepot allows you to receive high quality merchandise at a fraction of price with no MOQ.

Wholesale jewelry


SilverBene has become one of the most well-known online jewelry wholesaler from China since 1994. With excellent design teams and production factories in Guangzhou, China, SilverBene provides you with various kinds of solid 925 sterling silver bulk jewelry pieces. Whether you are retailers, shoppers or manufacturers, you can purchase wholesale silver jewelry from SilverBene without MOQ. Their mission is to provide customers with trendy sterling silver jewelry at a fabulous price.

Wholesale jewelry


Founded in 2013, Nihaojewlery is a reliable online jewelry wholesaler in China. With more than 100,000 daily-released items in stock and various kinds of styles and collections of bulk jewelry, you can purchase your favorite jewelry pieces with no MOQ on their website, which are all at wholesale price. They also promise fast global delivery worldwide so that you can receive your products within the shortest time.

Wholesale jewelry

Final Thoughts

If you are intended to buy bulk jewelry at reasonable prices, these 7 well-known and trustworthy jewelry wholesalers are highly recommended for you. Start with Jewelrkg, shop for the ones you like. You will be definitely amazed.

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