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6 Tips Of How To Care For Your Wholesale Jewelry (Recommended)

Wholesale Jewelry has become a life savior of almost every women. The fashion era has changed from a simple pair of earrings or bracelets to matching different jewelry pieces. Without the matching jewelry, your whole look may be imperfect. Therefore, it is essential for you to know how to match your jewelry pieces, as well as how to take care of your jewelry pieces to help them last longer.

While women have to manage their work and life, few of them have the energy and time to learn how to treat their jewelry. Here are 6 tips for you to know how to take care of your favorite wholesale jewelry.


  1. Clean regularly
  2. Store properly
  3. Take off in time
  4. Be careful with light and heat
  5. Keep it dry
  6. Stay away from chemicals

Clean your wholesale jewelry regularly

Wholesale jewelry should be cleaned regularly, and the frequency of cleaning depends on different situation. For jewelry that is frequently worn, weekly cleaning is quite necessary. For jewelry that is rarely worn, twice a year is sufficient.

You can put your jewelry pieces into a container, then dissolve the soap or toothpaste in water, and gently wipe off the dirt on the jewelry with a toothbrush. After cleaning, rinse your jewelry pieces with clean water, and finally wipe it with a clean cloth. However, for those jewelry made of different materials, for example, silver jewelry pieces are easy to be oxidized and blackened. Washing with soap and water can better protect them from damaged.

Store your wholesale jewelry properly

For those jewelry pieces that are not worn on a daily basis, properly stored and placed are of great importance. Because the hardness of various gems and metals are different from each other, if they are mixed together, those low hardness jewelry will be worn by the high ones. When buying wholesale jewelry online, the cloth bags or jewelry boxes given by the suppliers should be put away. These small containers are suitable for storing some fragile jewelry separately. There are a lot of different types of jewelry boxes online, you can choose them according to the number and style of your jewelry, for these can not only save space, but prevent the jewelry from lost.

Take your wholesale jewelry off in time

The best way to care for jewelry is not to repair it, but to take care of it beforehand. Outdoor activities, such as hiking, swimming, biking or playing sports, can wreak havoc to your jewelry. For example, sweat can corrode some jewelry during exercises. Not to wear jewelry when swimming or taking a bath in hot springs. Your wholesale jewelry pieces can easily fall off accidentally, and chemicals in water can also damage jewelry. Thus, your jewelry will last longer if you regularly remove them when doing heavy work or activities.

Be careful with light and heat

Light and hear may do harm to your jewelry’s color, appearance, durability and so on. Just as the sun rays can be harmful to our skin if we are under the sunlight for a long time.  Therefore, too much light may fade some gemstones. For example, amber, may become darken if it is under the sun too long. In addition, heat can also damage jewelry. Pearls, for example, may crack with heat. And opals can become brown or white.

Keep it dry

In addition to being careful of heat the light, you should also pay attention to the water. You need to store your wholesale jewelry in a cool, dry places. Try to keep it away from wet and humid areas, because these areas can easily be infected with hard-to-remove impurities, which can affect the jewelry’s luster and appearance.

Stay away from chemicals

You’d better avoid any cleaners that contain acid, alcohol, vinegar or ammonia as they can damage your jewelry. In addition, it is best not to wear any pearl wholesale jewelry pieces when you make up,  because there are too many chemicals in cosmetics, which will change the luster of the pearl. Others like perfume, shampoo, soap water, hair spray, also need to be kept away from your jewelry pieces. Particularly the perfume. when you wear perfume, you should avoid letting it fall on your jewelry.

Final Thoughts

Jewelry is very important in women’s life. With the help of these tips, you can be able to keep your jewelry fresh and clean, as well as keeps its luster for a long time. Especially for jewelry lovers, knowing how to treat your jewelry is both necessary and essential. Here is an excellent trustworthy online wholesale jewelry supplier recommended for you: Jewelrykg. They can provide you with a bunch of high quality bulk jewelry with reasonable prices. If you are still hunting for great jewelry pieces, go to their website and have a look. You will be amazed and impressed.

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