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6 Latest Korean Jewelry Fashion Trends You Should Jump On

Summer is on the way to bless 2022 with sunshine, warm and love. For jewelry buyers, Korean jewelry has always been one of the most famous fashion jewelry styles for so many years.

Korean fashion is often considered as some of the best in the world. We want to bring you some trendy styles that are currently popular in Korea, which will continue to be in vogue in 2022. Therefore, we collected top 6 Korean jewelry fashion trends that is worth to follow. Hope this article can bring you some ideas and help.

Let’s get into it!


  1. Flower stud earrings
  2. Vintage natural stone rings
  3. Heart silver necklaces
  4. Crystal bracelets
  5. Bowknot pearl hairpins
  6. Pearl hairbands

Korean jewelry fashion trends: flower stud earrings

Flower stud earrings can give people a sense of delicacy and gentleness. The flower elements are widely used into the design of jewelry. For Korean jewelry, buying flower stud earrings won’t let you down. They are light enough to be comfortable. Meanwhile, you will see lots of Korean stars wear this kind of earrings frequently, which is very visible and beautiful. This fashion is quickly spreading with the celebrities’ leads. For example, this pair of Korean gentle retro hollow flower stud earrings from Jewelrykg is a perfect choice for you.

Korean jewelry

Korean jewelry fashion trends: vintage natural stone rings

This style has been designed by many Korean jewelry designers and is pursued by masses of fashion youngsters worldwide. The combination of vintage style and natural stone is perfect to beatify fingers and enhance the elegance greatly. Meanwhile, by wearing vintage rings can easily help you to add a touch of fashion. For example, this Korean vintage natural stone ring is a wonderful example. If you are hunting for stylish Korean jewelry in bulk, then don’t miss this style!

Korean jewelry

Korean jewelry fashion trends: heart silver necklaces

The next popular fashion Korean jewelry style is definitely the silver necklaces with heart elements. You can not without heart-shaped Korean jewelry pieces in your stock. They are perfect for almost any occasion and you can be more charming and attractive by putting them on your neck. If you are looking for beautiful cheap Korean jewelry pieces in bulk, then just come to Jewelrykg. Jewelrykg can provide you with all kinds of high-quality jewelry sold by weight with no MOQ. Like this black heart silver necklace, coming from Jewelrykg, may be your excellent choice.

Korean jewelry

Korean jewelry fashion trends: crystal bracelets

Every woman’s dream is to have a piece of beautiful jewelry. A vibrant collection of elegant Korean jewelry will just complete a woman’s soul with brilliance and beauty. For example, crystal. Crystal can give people a sense of sophistication and loveliness. There are different colors of crystal. This famous Korean pink crystal bracelet is a fantastic combination of superb quality and elegance. Therefore, just keep up with this latest Korean jewelry trend by wearing a pink crystal bracelet.

Korean jewelry

Korean jewelry fashion trends: bowknot pearl hairpins

One of the most popular jewelry pieces is  hairpin. Especially the bowknot style is just a hit in 2022. In stead of those vintage classic dark-colored bowknot hairpin, the light-colored bowknot pearl hairpin is particularly famous this year. You will instantly look more lovely and gentle by wearing them. For example, these white and light purple bowknot pearl hairpin can make your whole look more delicate and  show your glamour.

Korean jewelry

Korean jewelry fashion trends: pearl hairbands

It’s impossible to not mention the pearl hairbands among Korean jewelry fashion trends. Pearls are the only classic jewelry that is suitable with any jewelry pieces. Meanwhile, they are one of the most important items in any woman’s jewelry boxes. So when it comes to Korean fashion jewelry, we cannot ignore this element. The pearl hairbands are definitely on the fashion trends. You can’t not without this classic gorgeous hairband style. Like this pearl hairband showed below, you can wear a beautiful dress with this hairband when you go to a party or have dinner with your friends.

Korean jewelry

Final Thoughts

To conclude, fashion repeats itself. Jewelry fashion trends always come and go with the times. Knowing the latest jewelry trends is crucial and necessary for every jewelry buyer. You will surely be amazed if you choose any Korean jewelry trends on the above list. If you want more newest fashion Korean jewelry pieces adding to your inventory, welcome to Jewelrykg. We sell jewelry by kilogram with no MOQ. You will have an extremely pleasant shopping experience with us. Come to Jewelrykg.com and start your fashion jewelry journey!

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