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5 Questions To Ask Bulk Jewelry Suppliers Before You Order

Whether you are jewelry buyers, jewelers, or wholesalers, when you are going to source jewelry in bulk, trustworthy reputable bulk jewelry suppliers can let you free from many troubles. Meanwhile, selecting bulk jewelry suppliers is closely related with your competitive edge in the wholesale jewelry market, which can also save you lots of money and energy.

However, it can be overwhelming when you face a wide variety of different bulk jewelry suppliers. Before making large orders, it is always necessary to know well about your jewelry suppliers. So, here, we will share with you 5 important questions you need to ask before making orders from your bulk jewelry suppliers. Keep them in mind, you will find your suitable jewelry supplier.


  1. Return policy
  2. Shipping policy
  3. MOQ
  4. Order tracking
  5. Payment methods

Question 1: Ask your bulk jewelry suppliers about the return policy

You can ask your bulk jewelry suppliers like: Can I get a full refund if I am not satisfied with my orders? Or, Can I make changes to the orders I placed? Be aware of the return policy. Whether your orders are being damaged by accident, or you want to make returns because of dissatisfaction, ask your jewelry suppliers whether they admit returning goods by free within a certain period of time. Because some bulk jewelry suppliers may not have the full return policy, instead, they offer monetary reimbursement, or store credit etc. For example, if you want to make changes after you have ordered on Jewelrykg.com, you need to contact your account manager with your change request details included immeditately, or ask via WhatsApp, email, or LiveChat on website.

Question 2: Ask your bulk jewelry suppliers about the shipping policy

Before making any orders, knowing the shipping policy is of vital importance. You need to figure out whether your jewelry suppliers offer international shipping, or just local shipping. If they can not provide international shipping, or efficient delivery, then you don’t have to waste too much time on them. Meanwhile, make it clear about who is going to pay the shipping fee. For different companies, they may have different trade terms, so, make sure that your shipping is safe and quick. For example, on Jewelrykg, you will get great discounts of you buy large orders. That is to say, the more you buy, the cheaper your shipping costs are.

Question 3: Ask your bulk jewelry suppliers about the MOQ

The minimum order quantity can vary a great deal among different bulk jewelry suppliers. However, it is largely depended on the kinds of jewelry and selling model they use. For example, those who sell expensive bulk jewelry may generally have a high MOQ. However, to those who offer affordable bulk jewelry may have low or no MOQ. Therefore, according to your own requests, go to their website to find more detailed information before making orders. Meanwhile, if you want to source fine bulk jewelry with low prices, you can start with Jewelrykg. At Jewelrykg, you will get a wide range of latest jewelry pieces with no MOQ! Especially by buying jewelry by weight, you will save much money to your jewelry stock.

Question 4: Ask your bulk jewelry suppliers about the order tracking

You need to ask your bulk jewelry suppliers about whether you can track your packages or not. Order tracking can help you to be updated with the status of your order to avoid order delays. Therefore, it would be better to choose those who can provide you order tracking services. For example, by cooperating with us, once your payment is confirmed and we will deliver your order ASAP, and you can always check the status of your order at your track order account. If you want to have custom production, our staff will communicate with you the details and promise to complete your custom product within the time period you allow.

Question 5: Ask your bulk jewelry suppliers about the payment methods

It is crucial to know what payment methods your bulk jewelry suppliers offer. For a reliable jewelry supplier, you can find the payment methods very quickly and clearly. Plus, pay attention to the invoice deadlines to avoid any confusion, because jewelry suppliers will have clear payment times sometimes. Other questions you can ask your bulk jewelry suppliers like: what currencies can I use? Can the price be lower? Will there be other fees when the package arrives?

Final Thoughts

With the expansion and growth of your jewelry store, you may encounter many other bulk jewelry suppliers. Some of them may be suitable for you to trust, however, some are not. Therefore, it would be better if you build a long-term relationship with a truly trustworthy jewelry supplier. You can put these 5 questions into consideration to help you make final decisions.

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