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5 Kinds Of Wholesale Fashion Jewelry With The Best Resale Value

Before investing in wholesale fashion jewelry, not only need you know the popular trends of jewelry, but the value addition of it. You need to ask yourself whether this kind of jewelry is a worthy acquisition? How much resale value the wholesale fashion jewelry holds is depended on many factors, one of the main factors of them, is the material.

If you are sourcing wholesale fashion jewelry for your jewelry resale business. You are just in the right spot. In this guide, you will get the top 5 most popular wholesale fashion jewelry pieces with the best resale value in 2022. Follow us, let’s get into it!


  1. Diamond jewelry
  2. Gold jewelry
  3. Silver jewelry
  4. Pearl jewelry
  5. Copper jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry with the best resale value: diamond

Diamonds are famous for their unique beauty and enduring value. Diamond wholesale fashion jewelry is never less of jewelry pursuers. No matter what economic situation the society has, these charming diamond jewelry pieces will never be out of fashion, meanwhile, they are worth a great deal. Every perfect diamond jewelry, has its own story and beauty. As long as you care it well, a diamond jewelry can be a heirloom passed from generation to generation. However, most diamond jewelry pieces are expensive. Therefore, a perfect substitute of diamond jewelry, is the zircon jewelry. With the same shining appearance and high durability, zircon wholesale fashion jewelry is enjoying great popularity due to its affordable prices and fashion styles in this year, which also has good value addition. For example, the zircon ring showed below is very breathtaking with good quality.

Wholesale fashion jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry with the best resale value: gold

Gold jewelry has been in vogue for many centuries. With stunning attractive appearance, gold jewelry has various colors, like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and black gold. However, the gold is the most malleable metal. It is soft and uneasy to be designed into jewelry. therefore, the pure gold is usually combined with other metals to form alloys. You will notice that there are lots of alloy gold-plated wholesale fashion jewelry on the market. That’s the case. First of all, the gold plated jewelry has much more fancy trendy styles with the same beautiful appearance. Second,  they are more durable and tough to store for a long time. Third, they are more cost-friend for most jewelry buyers.

Wholesale fashion jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry with the best resale value: silver

Silver wholesale fashion jewelry is a well-liked jewelry choice loved by so many fashion followers. Silver is similar to gold and copper, it is also a very soft metal. Most silver jewelry on the market is sterling silver jewelry, which is also known as 925 silver jewelry. That is to say, 92.5% made of pure silver. The sterling silver jewelry is more affordable than pure silver and gold, meanwhile, there are plenty of stylish designs with different styles. Moreover, silver jewelry is all-matched, which is suitable for almost everyone with any kinds of outfits. Therefore, you are highly recommended to invest in this kind of jewelry in 2022.

Wholesale fashion jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry with the best resale value: pearl

Pearl wholesale fashion jewelry is a must-have jewelry type. Especially for this summer. Beaded pearl jewelry is a hit. You will see lots of pearl fashion jewelry pieces worn by famous celebrities and social media influencers. As a very old and classic jewelry material, pearl is coming back in fashion in recent years. With special care, pearl jewelry will last for a long time and uneasy to lose its special luster. If you want to know some useful ways to care for jewelry, you can also go on Jewelrykg.com to learn more jewelry care tips.

Wholesale fashion jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry with the best resale value: copper

In fact, copper is a very famous wholesale fashion jewelry metal available in masses of chic styles. Due to its reddish brown and red color, copper is featured with vintage and classic design. Some famous styles of copper wholesale fashion jewelry like the combination of copper with leather, sterling silver and natural stones.  The most popular copper jewelry pieces in this year is the necklace. Therefore, you are highly recommended to take copper jewelry into consideration.

Wholesale fashion jewelry

Final Thoughts

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