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2022 Ultimate Guide Of Different Types Of Bulk Gold Jewelry

Some people consider bulk gold jewelry pieces as old-fashioned and out of date. However, that is simply not the case. The fact is that, the bulk gold jewelry are in great popularity in today’s jewelry buying trends. There are numerous new creative designs springing up for bulk gold jewelry, meanwhile, with the its high value addition and stunning appearance, masses of jewelry retailers are taking bulk gold jewelry as their first priority for inventory.

However, before sourcing bulk gold jewelry, it is necessary to know the detailed information of gold jewelry. If you are not familiar with different types of bulk gold jewelry, then this guide can surely help you a lot! Keep reading for more detailed information!


  1. Different types of gold colors
  2. Different types of gold karats
  3. Popular gold plated jewelry styles

Bulk gold jewelry: colors

Among bulk gold jewelry pieces, you will find a wide variety of colors ranging from yellow to green. Let’s look at them one by one:

  • Yellow gold

Yellow is the most common and popular color for gold jewelry around the world. However, in addition to pure yellow, the yellow gold may also come with other colors like green and red, this is mainly because it can be alloyed with other metals like copper and silver.

  • White gold

Generally speaking, white gold is mixed with pure gold and a white metal, usually the nickel or palladium. For palladium white gold, this contains much value than pure gold, which is both safe and precious. For nickel white gold, mixing with nickel, brass or zircon, is not hypoallergenic, however, is much cheaper compared with other white gold.

  • Rose gold

Rose gold is also a very popular bulk gold jewelry color this year. Such jewelry pieces are alloyed with copper. The redder the color is, the greater content of copper. Meanwhile, for most common rose gold jewelry, there are 75% gold and 25% copper. Compared with pure gold and white gold jewelry, the rose gold jewelry is more durable and affordable.

  • Black gold

Unlike other bulk gold jewelry, the black gold jewelry is to layer a black coating on the gold jewelry, instead of being mixed with black metals. Because the solid black metal is hard to find. Meanwhile,  there are many different ways to make the black gold jewelry, the most common ones like electroplating, oxidation and laser treatment.

  • Green gold

Green gold is a kind of alloy made with gold and silver. The higher content of silver, the stronger the green color is. However, the green gold is not common in popular bulk gold jewelry market.

Bulk gold jewelry: karats

Karats are used to measure the purity of bulk gold jewelry. As we mentioned before, the pure gold jewelry is rare to see in jewelry design and is not durable enough to wear. Therefore, The more karats, the more the pure gold in the alloy. Here, we are going to introduce you the 3 most common types of gold karats: 24, 18, and 14 karats.

  • 24k bulk gold jewelry

First of all, 24k gold is the purest. This kind of jewelry is very valuable and made of 99% pure gold, which is also extremely expensive. Meanwhile, 24k gold jewelry is very safe to wear and not easy to cause skin allergies. Whereas, since the pure gold is very malleable and not tough enough for jewelry design. Therefore, such 24k gold jewelry is suitable for jewelry collection.

Marks: 24k/Gold/999

  • 18k bulk gold jewelry

Generally speaking, the 18k gold jewelry contains 75% pure gold and 25% other metals, like copper and brass. It does not have a yellow stunning appearance as bright as 24k gold, however, this does not mean that it is low-quality. But what needs to notice when buying 18k gold jewelry is that, if there are nickels in it, it may cause allergies to sensitive skin.

Marks: 18k/750

  • 14k bulk gold jewelry

If you want to pursue affordable gold jewelry, then 14k gold can be your wonderful choice. It contains 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% other metals. The main feature of such jewelry is that, it is super durable and affordable, at the same time, there are a wide range of fashionable styles of 14k gold jewelry.

Marks: 14k/583

Bulk gold jewelry: gold plating

If you want to source more affordable gold jewelry, then the gold plated jewelry pieces can be perfect for you. Not only do they have stylish chic designs, but are more durable to store. Here, there are 3 most hot-selling gold-plated jewelry styles in the jewelry market:

  • Gold plating + shell

The combination of gold and shell is perfect for jewelry design. The special luster of shell can make the jewelry more elegant and gentle, however, the gold plating surface can add a sense of classic, for example, the earrings showed below, is one of our most hot-selling styles. The irregular shape give a textured modern sense, added with stunning gold surface, the whole earrings will be worth you every penny!

bulk gold jewelry
  • Gold plating + pearl

Most jewelry designs will combine pearl with silver to create a gentle sense. However, when combined with gold plated surface, there is a totally different feeling. For instance, the necklace below is a very prefect example. At the first glance, you will be amazed by the beaded pearls around the necklace, however, if you look at it more carefully, you will notice there are mini gold plated balls between pearls, which is super delicate and attractive.

bulk gold jewelry
  • Gold plating + zircon

For gold plating rings, the zircon can be their most classic combination. However, there are various kinds of new creative styles for gold plated rings. Like the one showed below, which is super delicate and well-designed. It will give you a retro and vintage feeling. The zircons on it just make it more shiny and appealing. If interested, you can click the pic for more detailed information!

bulk gold jewelry

Final Words

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