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2022 Superb Ideas Of How To Post Bulk Jewelry On Instagram

Instagram is a great place to wholesale your bulk jewelry pieces. A huge number of jewelry lovers are pursuing for fashionable bulk jewelry pieces recommended on Instagram. As a jewelry seller, knowing how to post bulk jewelry pieces on it is really crucial.

In this post, we’ve collected 5 superb ideas for you to better promote your jewelry pieces on Instagram. You can apply them into your own jewelry brand after you finish your reading. Get ready? Let’s start!


  1. Take advantage of seasons and holidays
  2. Partner with influencers
  3. Q&A
  4. Run an Instagram contest/giveaway
  5. Cross-promote with other brands

Post bulk jewelry: take advantage of seasons and holidays

holiday spirit is one of the main factor that influence customers to buy products, especially for jewelry. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether the holiday is important or not. Therefore, taking advantage of the seasons and holidays by creating seasonal posts or posts with strong festival atmosphere. This can attract more potential customers. Meanwhile, remember to use Instagram hashtags. For example, you can find holiday or seasonal hashtags for your posts to let more users to find you.

Post bulk jewelry: partner with influencers

If you want to quickly drive traffic to your bulk jewelry pieces and get more followers, then you can partner with some famous influencers for content. This is a good way of influencer marketing. Some influencers have thousands of followers on Instagram, if you are on your budget, cooperating with them can help you get more attention by their followers, and thus expand your customer base.

Post bulk jewelry: Q&A

If you want higher exposure rate and more page views, then Q&A is a useful way. Answering your customers’ questions on Instagram will encourage more potential jewelry buyers to follow you. In addition, video is also a very efficient way to answer questions, the same as Instagram Live, which can add to your credibility and let you trusted by your fashion bulk jewelry pieces buyers.

Post bulk jewelry: run an Instagram contest/giveaway

You can notice that there are many businesses using Instagram giveaways to create buzz about their new products. There are mainly two reasons for doing this: first, reach wider social sharing of your posts. Second, win more jewelry followers. A successful Instagram giveaway can reach this two goals. If you want to know exactly how to run giveaways on Instagram for your bulk jewelry pieces, click here to know more!

Post bulk jewelry: cross-promote with other brands

Cross-promotion is a profitable method to promote your business. This method become extremely popular during the financial crisis. By cross-promoting with other brands, you can expand your customer bases quickly and effectively. You can be mentioned in other posts, articles, emails etc. of course, you need to select the right channels and suitable brands well-liked by most customers. .

Final Thoughts

Hope these ideas can help you to boost your sales and exposure rate of your bulk jewelry business. Taking advantage of social media platforms is always profitable. Hope you found this post entertaining! We write about things that we love and we think you’ll like too. We welcome any partnerships, cooperate with us, you may generate more  revenue from these links at no cost.

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In The End

Hope you found this post entertaining! We write about things that we love and we think you’ll like too. We welcome any partnerships, cooperate with us, you may generate more  revenue from these links at no cost.

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