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10 Trusted Affordable Wholesale Jewelry Websites (2022 Updated)

A reliable online wholesale jewelry retailer is very important for every jewelry seeker. Jewelry is like a magical amulet. As long as you build a connection with it, it will then become a part of your emotion and tell your story.

From simple dried sea shells to today’s various exquisite fashionable jewelry styles, the world of jewelry has undergone many changes through ages. As the growing trend of culture exchange brings the changing fashion attitudes and tastes, the jewelry industry also keeps pace with times. Numerous online wholesale jewelry suppliers have sprung up.

So how to make a perfect choice among masses of online wholesale jewelry retailers? How to buy affordable wholesale jewelry with good quality and credibility? And where to find a piece of jewelry that incredibly suits you?

These 10 trusted affordable wholesale jewelry websites listed below will give you a perfect answer.

1. Jewelrykg

Jewelrykg.com is a global wholesale jewelry company with office in Los Angeles, CA. They have more than 10 years of industry experience and is one of the most trusted and fast-growing online wholesale Jewelry websites around the world.

With affordable price and good quality, Jewelrykg has a wide range selection of jewelry styles to meet your various wholesale jewelry purchasing needs. No matter what kind of jewelry you are hunting for, you can always find your favorable one.

Adhering to the “customer first, quality first” business philosophy, Jewelrykg always commits themselves to good customer experience and services. Whether you order the first piece or the hundredth, you will always enjoy the pleasant purchasing experience and cheap price throughout the whole purchase process to get your favorable piece of jewelry. Their processing time ranges from 3 to 8 days.

2. ZENZII Wholesale

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, ZENZII Wholesale has been a wholesale jewelry retailer since 2008. Unlike most of the online wholesale jewelry retailers, they provide special products with their own unique feature and style. By providing fashion-forward jewelry with creative design, they want every customer to show their own individuality.

With a wide range of pieces of jewelry from necklaces, earrings to bracelets and rings, “colorful and dynamic” can better describe their product style. They believe every woman is gorgeous and fantastic. And jewelry has the power to highlight women’s beauty and confidence.

ZENZII Wholesale is customer focused, you can buy ZENZII wholesale jewelry with 30-Day Easy Returns, and get rewarded on every order. You can also enjoy the reliable, same-day shipping by placing your order before 3 PM during weekdays.


As one of the most largest online wholesale jewelry retailers around the world, Jewelry & Accessories is a wholesale jewelry website based in New York with more than 25 years industry experience. They have developed relationships with numerous wholesalers, chain stores, flea market vendors and so on.

With over 10,000 items to meet consumers’ different purchasing needs, Wholesale Jewelry and Accessories offers a large variety of merchandise, from costume jewelry, hair accessories, to different kinds of glasses and cosmetics.

If you are unsatisfied with the products that you have purchased on Wholesale Jewelry and Accessories, you are able to get a full refund within 7 days and return the unopened packages within 14 days. All of their merchandise is in stock and ready for shipping. You can buy them at any time, your orders will be shipped with 24-72 hours of receipt.

4. Ole Fashion

Ole Fashion Inc. is one of the best wholesale sources for crystal Jewelry and displays based in Los Angeles. With wonderful craftsmanship and creative design, Ole Fashion offer a wide range of fashion accessories including jewelry, handbags, keychains and so on.

With good customer service and wholesale jewelry with good quality, Ole Fashion is growing rapidly to be one of the most popular wholesale jewelry retailers to provide service to customers around the world.

Crystal ornaments are their most popular products. if you have special needs for your jewelry, or want to find the one that best fit your personal style. Shop on Ole Fashion to select your most favorable jewelry.

5. Alamode Fashion Jewelry

Located in California, Alamode Fashion Jewelry is a popular fashion online wholesale jewelry retailer. As a fast growing manufacturer of fashion jewelry, they offer over 9000 products to customers around the world. Exceptional services are guaranteed on AlamodeOnline.com. In addition to providing great jewelry to diverse customers around the around, they also help start-up businesses.

The most popular and outstanding product selection on Alamode Fashion Jewelry is the TK316 stainless steel selection. They provide the highest quality 316 stainless steel wholesale jewelry for their customers, if you are looking for a trusted online wholesale jewelry retailer, they can be your good choice.

Alamode Fashion Jewelry ensures fast delivery, products in stock will be shipped out immediately. If you have items that are out-of-stock at the time of shipment, you can place a special order with a minimum of 24 pcs per style. Back-ordered items and sizes usually take 6-8 weeks for production.

6. DelMundo Jewelry

DelMundo was originally based in California, but it is now based in Las Vegas, Nevada. With more than 25 years industry experience, DelMundo has been in business since 1984 by providing large varieties of handmade jewelry with unique special styles.

In addition to being a online retailer, DelMundo also can be found in tourist area stores.DelMundo has their own business style, their focus is mainly on sea life, tribal, and contemporary designs.

DelMundo is striving to offer customers the best service and purchasing experiences with affordable low prices. If you are searching for unique jewelry with special needs and requirements, have a look on DelMundo.com.

7. Zoey Simmons Jewelry

Since 1992, Zoey Simmons Jewelry has gained great popularity in USA. They started out in Rhode Island by designing and manufacturing jewelry for the top retailers in America. Now Zoey Simmons Jewelry offers wholesale jewelry to independent small retailers in different parts of the world.

Zoey Simmons Jewelry has more than 5000 originally-designed jewelry for different types of customers. From 14k gold, sterling silver, brass, to natural gemstones, they attach great importance on the quality and material of the jewelry.

Customers’ experience is their first priority. Good after-sale service is provided and guaranteed on Zoey Simmons Jewelry. You can get a full refund quickly if you are not satisfied with the products you have bought. The processing time is 5-10 days for 95% of their orders.

8. The Welman Group

Located in Bethesda, Maryland, The Welman Group is a well-known online wholesale jewelry distributor which has been in business for more than 35 years industry experience. In addition, a tax number is needed to buy from them.

The Welman Group primarily specializes in two product lines: sterling silver jewelry and stainless steel jewelry. Their goal is to offer high quality jewelry for needed customers around the world., Favorable prices and good customer service are guaranteed at the same time.

The Welman Group does not have a showroom. Most orders are shipped within 2 to 3 business days from the time your order was placed. If you want to select good quality jewelry online, they can be your wonderful choice.

9. Pink Vanilla

Starting up in 2012, Pink Vanilla is an online wholesale jewelry retailer offering a wide selection of wholesale jewelry worldwide, ranging from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings to sunglasses and more accessories.

Customers are highly valued. Pink Vanilla aims to provide their customers with preferential prices, good after-sale services. You can choose what you want on Pink Vanilla to suit your individual tastes.

Pink Vanilla processes shipping from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 1 PM (Eastern Standard Time) from NJ warehouse and offer free shipping on all US orders over $250 via USPS and UPS.

10. Stuller

Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, Stuller specializes in providing a wide range of stylish jewelry accessories at affordable prices. Ranging from diamond accessories, bridal jewelry, rings, and earrings, Stuller has become one of the most fast-growing online wholesale jewelry suppliers.

By offering flexible designs, Stuller can customize your orders to satisfy your unique needs. They provide more than 200,000 products and have more than 1,000 talented experts to produce the good quality jewelry for every client.

Stuller always takes “easy, fast, and reliable” as its corporate core mission. They are able to take your orders in a friendly way and you will get good quality products in a reasonable amount of time. Their delivery times are depended on your zip code.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of jewelry has been increasing with time, a large number of new designs and styles are available online. The jewelry nowadays is not simple about the accessories, but the symbol of personal style, confidence and self-satisfaction.

If you are hunting for the perfect pieces of jewelry that suit you best, these 10 online wholesale jewelry websites are able to impress you the most and help you to make a wonderful choice.

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