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Top 5 Most Popular Heart Pendant Bulk Necklaces Worth Buying

The heart shapes has been used in jewelry designs throughout the history. When buying bulk necklaces, heart pendants are definitely your perfect choice. The heart shape represents love and romance, which is loved by masses of young fashion lovers. However, the heart pendant bulk necklaces have a wide variety of different styles, some can be gentle, while some can be in a cool style. So, what are exactly the most popular styles for hear pendant bulk necklaces this year?

If you are a jewelry retailer who wants to hunt for fashion fine jewelry to sell, then you are absolutely in the right spot! In this blog, we’ve collected the 5 most popular heart pendant bulk necklaces in this year, which will definitely worth buying! Now, follow us, let’s get into it!


  1. Solid heart pendant
  2. Hollow heart pendant
  3. Inlaid heart pendant
  4. Carved heart pendant
  5. Key-shape heart pendant

Solid heart pendant bulk necklaces

First of all, the solid heart pendant bulk necklaces are the most common and classic ones. However, there are some very creative designs for solid heart pendants: minimalist flat silver heart pendants with thin silver chains, black zircon heart pendants with think silver chains, and rounded golden heart pendants with beaded pearl chains etc. Here, the most recommended one for you, is the last one. When it comes to heart pendants, for most people, the first thing comes into mind is the traditional Korean style. However, among so many bulk necklaces styles, this one showed below is delicate and retro. Added with beaded pearls as necklace chain, the whole necklace immediately creates a sense of delicacy and elegance to your whole look, which can be your prefect choice.

bulk necklaces

Hollow heart pendant bulk necklaces

Without a sense of heaviness, the hollow design can always refresh people a lot. For hollow heart pendant bulk necklaces, they are very easy to match and suitable for casual wear. Some popular styles in vogue this year, are made of metal materials, like silver, gold, or brass. However, to avoid those traditional common hollow heart designs, you have to try the one showed below: double layered knitted silver heart necklace. With silver as the base metal, the knitted design can light up the whole necklace immediately, meanwhile, double layered style can let your neck look more charming and beautiful. With affordable factory prices and high quality, you can not miss it!

bulk necklaces

Inlaid heart pendant bulk necklaces

The next bulk necklaces style highly recommended for you, is the inlaid heart pendants. Instead of inlaying decorations inside of the bulk necklaces, the most popular designs this year, is to inlay outside of the appearance of the heart pendants. For example, the one showed below is extremely hot-selling and well-liked from Jewelrykg. The instant impression when you look at this necklace is surely the cool style and delicate design. In addition to the classic combination of black and silver colors, the decoration layered on the heart pendant just likes the tree brunches, which give people a sense of coldness with cool style. You can easily create a unique look with high personality by wearing this fashionable necklace.

bulk necklaces

Carved heart pendant bulk necklaces

Carved bulk necklaces can let the whole design more delicate and classic. Especially on the heart pendants, generally, the most common style for carved heart pendants is vintage and retro, or shiny and modern. This one recommended for you here, is pretty simple but very attractive. You will notice that there is the word “love” carved on the surface of the heart pendant, which is the most popular Korean style in recent years. However, what makes this necklace most unique can attractive, is its beaded silver chain. The combination of the simple carved heart pendant with beaded silver necklace chain is truly perfect, which can highlight the elegant and gentle style of the whole necklace.

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Key-shape heart pendant bulk necklaces

Finally, the last fashionable bulk necklaces style, is the key-shape heart style. Key-shape is the best friend with heart pendants. This style has been in fashion for a really long time, however, this year, it is coming back on fashion trends. The biggest feature of this style is its power to bring you a fashion-forward look. For instance, you can look at the one showed below. With modern style, this necklace can easily create a stylish look on you. Plus, with reasonable prices with high quality, you won’t regret buying it!

bulk necklaces

Final Thoughts

Heart pendant bulk necklaces should be a must for every jewelry lovers. As for your jewelry retail store, you will never go wrong with heart bulk necklaces, especially with those popular styles mentioned above. If you think this guide can bring you some creative ideas or direction, don’t forget to subscribe to us! You can also go to Jewelrykg.com to explore more stunning affordable jewelry pieces, from which can buy jewelry by weight with no MOQ.  We care about every customer and welcome any suggestions and opinions. Cooperating with us, you can get a wide range of updated high quality fashion jewelry pieces with factory prices. Most important, we sell jewelry by kilogram with no MOQ!

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In The End

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