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Top 5 Wholesale Pendant Necklaces Styles To Show Yourself

The popularity of pendant necklaces is continue to increase, with favorable prices and updated new fashion styles, wholesale pendant necklaces are always the best friends of your outfits. With wide collection of designs, different kinds of pendants can create different feelings for jewelry wearers, they can be modern, vintage, cool, or lovely. Meanwhile, pendant necklaces, definitely, can be your perfect choice for jewelry investment, because they are never lack of pursuers.

At Jewelrykg, we’re passionate about offering excellent high quality wholesale jewelry for women to express their confidence and beauty. If you are exploring the new-arrival fresh new wholesale pendant necklaces, you are just in the right spot! This blog can provide you with the newest and most popular pendant necklaces styles for you to choose. Read on to start your new jewelry adventure!


  1. Water drop
  2. Heart
  3. Moon
  4. Butterfly
  5. Letters

Top wholesale pendant necklaces styles: water drop

Water drop wholesale pendant necklaces can be truly a classic. Such styles can perfectly match with any kinds of necklines. Ranging from small water drop to exaggerated large one, they are usually decorated with different gemstones. For instance, this water drop necklace was inspired by the beauty and mystery of the universe. The dark black pendant perfectly forms a strong contrast of the silver chain, which can create a sense of coldness and mystery for people. Without too many other decorations, the simple drop water pendant can tell everything.

wholesale pendant necklaces

Top wholesale pendant necklaces styles: heart

Similar like water drop, the heart wholesale pendant necklaces with creative designs are mostly favored by fashion followers. Heart symbolizes  love and romance, which can give people a sense of warmth and protection. For instance, the blue zircon heart necklaces showed below, is one of the most popular new-arrival wholesale pendant necklaces styles from us. The blue zircon is stunning enough on its own, particularly when they add with the silver chain, which will definitely become a spotlight of your whole outfit

wholesale pendant necklaces

Top wholesale pendant necklaces styles: moon

In jewelry designs, moon symbolizes the softness, beauty and wisdom. A large amount of young fashion jewelry lovers will purchase jewelry pieces with moon element. The same as the moon wholesale pendant necklaces. Especially for chokers, or short necklaces, like the one showed below, will better beautify your neck and highlight your elegance to the fullest. The moon shape can upgrade the quality and style of the jewelry perfectly. Particularly with gold color, this necklace will instantly add a sense of classic on you.

wholesale pendant necklaces

Top wholesale pendant necklaces styles: butterfly

Butterfly wholesale pendant necklaces are every elegant and stylish. With modern style, butterfly jewelry has become one of the most hot-selling jewelry pieces. Every jewelry lover should have the butterfly jewelry pieces. For example, you are highly recommended to purchase the one listed below: the layered silver butterfly necklace. silver is always a gorgeous choice of color, especially in the summer. This guiding butterfly pendant is delicate enough to be eye-catching and sparkle. You can also dress it up by pairing with the stunning tassel earrings.

wholesale pendant necklaces

Top wholesale pendant necklaces styles: letters

Letters will never go out of style, no matter how the fashion trends change, you will never regret buying the letter pendant jewelry. For wholesale pendant necklaces, there are masses of different kinds of letters styles for selection. Most of them have the cool fashion style, which is perfect daily wearing. However, to be more unique and creative, here the highly recommended one, is this W silver necklace. With minimalist style and thin metal, pieces like this are perfect for dressing up with a button-up shirt or a v-neck top to show it off.

wholesale pendant necklaces

Final Thoughts

In addition to the wholesale pendant necklaces mentioned above, there are also a wide variety of breathtaking necklaces styles from Jewelrykg.com. We hope you’ve been inspired by those styles to make your best buying decisions. Adding wholesale pendant necklaces is definitely a worthwhile investment for your jewelry business. Meanwhile, we will be very delighted if you can make comments below. We are looking forward to your voices and opinions!

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