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5 Bulk Jewelry Styles To Shop Before The End Of 2022

The selling season is getting near. Are you ready for the new bulk jewelry styles for festivals like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in the following months? If not, it is time to have a look at the latest popular bulk jewelry styles recently and prepare for your bulk jewelry stock!

In the past five years, the wholesale jewelry market has witnessed a dramatic increase in demand. More and more jewelry manufacturers designed jewelry in a variety of styles, bringing a wider range of choices for different consumer groups. However, due to the cut-throat competition, the wholesale jewelry industry is quite a mixed bag, bring the uneven quality of the jewelry.

So, in this blog, not only will we introduce you the most popular bulk jewelry styles in vogue right now, but also tell you how to let you have a perfect jewelry selection. Let’s dive in!

The market demand of bulk jewelry

  • Popularization is the main trend

Due to the continuous rising prices of those jewelry with precious metals and gemstones like gold and diamond, attention has been moved to those less expensive jewelry suitable for daily wear. Without costing too much, sales figures of those cheap fine jewelry continue to show signs of improvement.

  • Rings dominate the market

Among so many bulk jewelry pieces, the demand for bulk rings are incredibly high, which has dominated the wholesale jewelry market. This is mainly because rings do not require much customization, and have designs for male. Therefore, the increased demand for men bulk rings is expected to drive the growth in the coming years. In addition, rings are the lowest-cost jewelry, which also enjoy great popularity among bulk jewelry buyers.

  • Asia Pacific, and Southeast Asia become a major engine

Due to the large population and high consumption capacity, the bulk jewelry has a large market share in the Asia Pacific, and Southeast Asia. In addition, India shows a consumption potential in the future.

The popular trends of bulk jewelry

  • Natural and sweet

This type of jewelry has various design elements, like flowers, birds, animals, sea creatures and so on, fresh and romantic. Besides the common metals such as silver, platinum, copper and stainless steel, the natural stone, resin, leather, cloth are often used in the design. Meanwhile, the colors are usually soft and elegant, such as light pink, light blue, silver, white and so on.

bulk jewelry
  • Exaggerated and luxury

This type of jewelry has large sizes, unique shapes, or chunky materials, which can be very hyperbolic and attractive. The materials are always those metals with bright luster, like gold, silver, platinum, copper and so on. In addition, gemstones are widely used in the design, like rubies, zircons, emeralds etc. The colors are usually very vibrant and bright, like red, green, pink etc.

bulk jewelry
  • Creative and individualized

This type of jewelry has a wide mixture of different materials, shapes, and colors, which is full of imagination. Unlike traditional design, such jewelry is both fashion-forward and innovative. Some common material combinations like metals with pearls, natural stones, resins and so on. In addition, the colors are cool and clean ,like white, beige, gray and brown.

bulk jewelry
  • Unique and artistic

This type of jewelry can bring people a sense of classic and romance, usually added with the abstract patterns and lines. Commonly used materials like stainless steel, silver, copper, gold plating and so on. Meanwhile, the color is simple and clean, like dark brown, gray, white, yellow etc.

bulk jewelry
  • Modern and simple

This type of jewelry has been in popularity for many years. As one of the most classic trends, such jewelry is perfect for cloth matching, which is also suitable for all kinds of occasions. The most popular materials are pearls, zircon and leather.  In addition, colors like silver, gold, rose gold are very attractive.

bulk jewelry

Reviews and summary of the past trends

  • Whether for high-end jewelry or fashion jewelry, colorful gems are still the focus. For such jewelry can better show the unique shiny luster of the gemstones and be suitable for many occasions.
  • Silver jewelry is making a comeback in fashion. In the past five years, the market demand for silver bulk jewelry has been increasing year by year. People are attracted by the high cost performance and fashionable design of silver jewelry, which has become the most popular jewelry for daily wear.
  • Pearl jewelry is more designed and personalized. In addition to classic Korean and French styles, pearl jewelry is moving toward simpler styles.
  • Custom jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Many young consumers are in pursuit of jewelry that can show their own personality, like jewelry with their names or birthdays.
  • Jewelry with special patterns and symbols. Patterns here can be associated with a particular ethnic group, culture, or religion. For example, the Chinese zodiac and Western family badges are highly sought after by many consumer groups.

How to select cheap fine bulk jewelry?

When you do a google research, you will find numerous wholesale jewelry suppliers who can provide you with all kinds of jewelry pieces. However, do not make orders in rush. You should be aware of the reliability of the supplier. For example, you can use social media platforms, online forum, blogs to look for the real reviews and feedbacks.

There are some key factors you need to consider:

  1. Certifications or licensing
  2. Regulatory compliance
  3. Raw materials and finished product inventory
  4. MOQ
  5. Availability of Stock
  6. Shipping
  7. Return and returns
  8. Payment
  9. Reviews

In addition, choosing an effective way of buying bulk jewelry is also very crucial. For example, buying jewelry by kilogram is a wonderful way to reduce costs to a lower level.

What is jewelry wholesale by kilogram? Why should I use that?

In the jewelry wholesale market, you must be very familiar with the bulk buying. If you are a jewelry retailer, you will know that buying jewelry wholesale in bulk is far more affordable than paying at actual retail prices.

Actually, jewelry wholesale by the kilo is a cheaper purchasing model even than the regular wholesale prices. The jewelry is randomly placed in the package, and the price is calculated according to the weight. That is also to say, with a low cost, you can choose all the hot-selling popular bulk jewelry pieces with different materials and styles.

For example, Jewelrykg is a leading professional company who adopts this sales model into practice and has won great popularity and recognition worldwide.

bulk jewelry

Only 23 USD per kilo?

The answer is yes. All the jewelry is of high quality on Jewelrykg. But why the prices are so low than other wholesale platforms? The reason is very simple, because Jewelrykg wants every customer can enjoy great jewelry with low costs. Even if the margins are low for Jewelrykg by using this way, however, it would be worthwhile if everyone can have a satisfied shopping experience.

Here are what Jewelrykg can provide with you:

  • High cost performance.
  • Top quality, no rust, no oxidation.
  • Diversified product styles.
  • Independent packages.
  • Complete after-sales system.
  • Full of surprises.
  • No MOQ.
  • Professional Customization
  • Support 24/6
bulk jewelry

Final words

The bulk jewelry market is expected to reach USD 39.20 billion by 2025, which contains huge profit margins. However, this is an intensely competitive marketplace. Good cooperation can always be helpful to expand the market actively to form a virtuous circles.  Therefore, you can start with cooperating with a reliable bulk jewelry supplier, who can provide you with the highly cost-effective jewelry wholesale procurement services.

Hope this guide can give you some useful information. If you like it, don’t forget to share it. Your support is our best motivation!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

What’s more, Pinterest is a good helper. There are many wonderful jewelry matching tips you can find there. You can click here to explore more stunning jewelry styles to inspire you.

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