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Top 5 Best Wholesale Clip Earrings Styles For Unpierced Ears

Wholesale clip earrings are definitely a prefect option for non-pierced ears. You may have multiple reasons for not piercing your ears. For example, you may be afraid of needles or skin allergy. However, without piercings, you can also get an attractive look with wonderful clip earrings! If you are a jewelry retailer, then wholesale clip earrings can be a potential market with huge consumer bases that you are truly worthwhile investing in.

Here, we’ve listed the top 5 popular wholesale clip earrings styles in this year, which are widely pursued by numerous fashion jewelry lovers. They are definitely worth you any penny. If interested, keep reading to explore those stunning fine wholesale clip earrings!


  1. Classic style
  2. Vintage style
  3. Lovely style
  4. Modern style
  5. Cool style

Wholesale clip earrings recommendation: classic style

The classic style wholesale clip earrings are the perfect choices for everyday wear. The wonderful friend of classic style jewelry is definitely silver. For silver metal has the amazing ability to let you be fashion-forward instantly. Therefore, here, this pair of classic silver cuff earrings is highly recommended for you. Just like the picture showed below, you will notice that there are three different types, each of them has the minimalist appearance, which can highlight the stunning luster of silver surface to the fullest. Without redundant designs and decorations, this set of wholesale clip earrings can be your first priority when you try to wear earrings at the first time. Of course, for jewelry retailers, they can be your hot-selling jewelry items.

wholesale clip earrings

Wholesale clip earrings recommendation: vintage style

Vintage style jewelry can best show your style and personality, you will definitely look pretty charming and gorgeous as long as you choose the right vintage wholesale clip earrings. For example, the most common types of vintage earrings can be difficult to pair with or wear in everyday life. However, here, this pair of retro clip earrings will surely impress you a lot, particularly when you put it on you ear. The combination of gold and green color is the perfect presentation of vintage style, however, the shiny point is that, the chain design immediately make this pair of clip earrings outstanding and fashionable. Meanwhile, in addition to the green gemstone on it, there is another more classic and chic style for you to choose.

wholesale clip earrings

Wholesale clip earrings recommendation: lovely style

There is a huge number of jewelry lovers pursuing lovely style jewelry, especially for teenagers and young fashion women. Therefore, you should invest in those lovely wholesale clip earrings, one of the most hot-selling styles recommended for you, is the one showed below: Korean crystal bell bow stud earrings. You will be deeply attracted by its unique appearance at your first glance: two dangling transparent crystal bells. One of them is transparent, while the other is light blue, which forms a perfect contrast with each other, meanwhile, the golden bow is also a perfect design. Therefore, the whole clip earrings are pretty lovely and creative, you should not miss them.

wholesale clip earrings

Wholesale clip earrings recommendation: modern style

Metallic jewelry is definitely the most classic style for modern jewelry. Especially for those chunky ones. Some popular metals like gold, silver, brass and stainless steel, are widely pursued by a large amount of jewelry buyers. The main feature of modern style wholesale clip earrings is both simple and stylish. Therefore, here, you are highly recommended to this pair of irregular golden clip earrings. Unlike other clip earrings styles, this one is highly creative and unique enough to get wide attention. The irregular shape will instantly bring a sense of fashion and classic to your whole look, which is your perfect choice to enhance your elegance and show your glamour. With affordable prices and high quality, you can find more similar jewelry pieces from Jewelrykg.com!

wholesale clip earrings

Wholesale clip earrings recommendation: cool style

When it comes to cool style jewelry, the first thing comes into your mind may be those exaggerated jewelry pieces with bold colors. However, that is simple not the case. In this guide, the cool style wholesale clip earrings you should invest in, is this silver tassel one. You will be appealed to the tassel design, which makes it super chic and stylish. When the chains naturally hang down your ears, you will be pretty stylish and cool. The silver surface also adds a sense of fashion and classic to the whole earrings. However, if you are not attracted by this one, you can also find more cool style wholesale clip earrings from us!

wholesale clip earrings

Final Thoughts

Earrings can always highlight your beauty and glamour. Therefore, choose the right earrings styles just fit with you. Whatever kinds of jewelry styles you want, just drop us a comment below, and we’ll help you get started! If you think this guide has provided some helpful information with you, don’t forget to subscribe to us! Our purpose of writing is to share useful and latest jewelry information with each of you!

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In The End

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