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New Guide Of French Bulk Jewelry Styles (2022 New Collection)

In recently years, French bulk jewelry is in great popularity all around the world. If you are sourcing jewelry worthwhile investing in, then you can not miss those French jewelry pieces. French bulk jewelry is featured with delicate, fine and simple styles, especially for those with colorful and creative designs. For French jewelry lovers, they perceive jewelry as their best friends, which needs to be classic and meaningful enough. The rule of wearing jewelry for them, is as simple as possible.

Here, we share with you this buying guide of what French bulk jewelry styles are in vogue right now and worth investing in. You can get inspired by the wonderful French jewelry ideas below, and pick the ones most suitable for you. Read on to start your jewelry adventure!


  1. Gold hoop earrings
  2. Coin pendant necklaces
  3. Unique gold rings
  4. Gemstone bracelets
  5. Textured wide headbands

French bulk jewelry styles: gold hoop earrings

Gold has become most French fashion women’s first priority, particularly for yellow gold and rose gold. Therefore, when it comes to earrings, the gold hoop, usually with small sizes, are the perfect choices for jewelry selection. They are highly classic and simple, only by wearing a pair of gold hoop earrings, you can immediately show your elegance and beauty. However, in addition to those minimalist ones, you are highly recommended to the one showed below: braided golden hoop earrings.

Compared with the simple hoop earrings style, you will be impressed with the braided design, which can bring a heavy metallic texture to better enhance your temperament. With the small size, such golden hoops are an excellent way to add a touch of classic to any outfit.

French bulk jewelry

French bulk jewelry styles: coin pendant necklaces

Among the French bulk jewelry pieces, one of the most classic styles is definitely the coin style. Particularly for necklaces, coin pendant necklaces are widely pursed by those fashion French women for daily wear. Because this style is truly all-matched to be suitable for wearing by single, or layering it with other delicate necklaces. However, there are also various kinds of creative designs of such coin necklaces, the one showed below is a perfect example.

At the first glance, you will be deeply impressed by its delicate design. Instead of those pure metal pendant, the shell pendant expresses the elegant gentle sense to the fullest. Meanwhile, you will notice that there are three little stars inlaid on the shell surface. With the stunning rhinestone luster, the uneven distribution of those delicate stars just let the whole necklace be more unique and special. meanwhile, the irregular golden hoop around the pendant just adds a sense of design.

French bulk jewelry

French bulk jewelry styles: unique gold rings

French bulk jewelry with creative designs are in fashion this year. For example, the mix of different materials, or special shapes. For French bulk jewelry, the combination of old and new style can be the best inspiration. Among the rings, there is no doubt that the vintage old rings are the true classic for French jewelry style. However, what is really popular in this year, is the those vintage style added with creative ideas.

Like the one showed below: unique bamboo gold ring. When you see it at the first time, it will refresh you by its creative delicate bamboo design. however, when you look at it more carefully, you will be amazed with its design details. The half of it is made of translucent white gemstone, however, the other half has a shiny metal cover, which has formed a beautiful strong contrast with each other. You can click the picture to see more detailed information!

French bulk jewelry

French bulk jewelry styles: gemstone bracelets

You will find numerous wonderful gemstone French bulk jewelry pieces in the market, and this kind of style is coming back in fashion this year due to its gentle delicate design. Instead of those gold jewelry with gemstones on it, the thin silver bracelets are in great popularity by masses of French jewelry lovers. For example, here, the highly recommended one, is this gentle planet silver bracelet, which is also one of our best-selling jewelry styles.

First of all, the combination of silver and blue gemstone is very attractive and stunning, which instantly adds elegant style to the whole bracelet. In addition, you will notice there are shiny zircon stars around the blue gemstone, this can create a mystery sense of universe, which makes it more charming and special. Meanwhile, with affordable prices and high quality, you should not miss it!

French bulk jewelry

French bulk jewelry styles: textured wide headbands

The wide headband is extremely popular in this year, for French bulk jewelry pieces, the textured gentle style is the always the first priority. Especially for hair accessories, gentle wide headband can not only be a wonderful ornament to hair, but can be a really good option to beautify your head shape and face. The recommended one here, is the one with both simple style and super textured appearance.

The shiny appearance of this headband will be your first focal point. In addition, on the one side of the headband, there is a dangling pearl tassel, which makes it much more elegant and gentle. For those people pursuing simple gentle jewelry pieces, this can definitely be the wonderful choice. Meanwhile, ranging from ivory white, rose pink to black, you can choose the one you like. Either of them will be worthwhile for buying!

French bulk jewelry

Final Words

Less is more! Without exaggerated designs, these French bulk jewelry styles mentioned above can absolutely help you create a fashion, simple, and gentle look easily. Hope this guide can give you some inspiration for your jewelry exploration! Thanks for reading this post, whatever problems you have, just drop us a comment below. We care about every customer and welcome any suggestions and opinions. Cooperating with us, you can get a wide range of updated high quality fashion jewelry pieces with factory prices! Your support will make a great difference to us!

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