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5 Hip-Hop Bulk Fashion Jewelry Styles To Express Your Style

Among a wide variety of bulk fashion jewelry styles, hip-hop jewelry always has a key position in the wholesale jewelry market. Meanwhile, hip hop trends are at the forefront of the fashion world, with the hip hop jewelry styles breaking through the tradition and moving toward the new creative designs, now, they are attracting more and more attention by masses of jewelry fashion lovers all around the world.

If you are a cool jewelry lover, don’t hesitate to invest in the new hip-hop bulk fashion jewelry styles in this year! In this blog, we’ve listed the top 5 latest hip hop bulk fashion jewelry styles for your jewelry retail store. If you want to get more creative ideas for your jewelry exploration, then follow us, you can not miss this new jewelry trend in 2022!


  1. Leather
  2. Gold
  3. Zircon
  4. Stainless steel
  5. Resin

New hip-hop bulk fashion jewelry styles: leather material

One of the most classic material for creating hip-hop style jewelry is definitely the leather. The particular texture of leather can easily build a sense of fashion and cool style for your whole look. Among various colors, the black leather, is coming back in fashion this year. One of the bulk fashion jewelry particularly recommended for you in this blog, is this black leather choker. There are masses of classic styles for leather chockers, however, this one below is the newest and most popular one. The thin black leather added with gold metal instantly creates a fashion cool sense. Meanwhile, you will notice that there is a golden heart in front of the choker, the asymmetric design makes it more unique and stylish.

bulk fashion jewelry

New hip-hop bulk fashion jewelry styles: gold material

In addition to leather, the gold bulk fashion jewelry has a dominant position in the jewelry market. The special stunning luster of gold can create different senses with different designs. Especially for gold plated bulk fashion jewelry pieces, not only do they have various kinds of unique fashionable designs, but are very affordable and budget-friendly. Therefore, here, this unique gold ring is highly recommended for you. Instead of common rounded hoop, this ring has a open creative design, the geometric feature gives it the hip-hop style. By putting it on the finger, you can be extremely attractive to show your personality and confidence. So, if you are seeking special cool style rings, you can not miss this one!

bulk fashion jewelry

New hip-hop bulk fashion jewelry styles: zircon material

Sometimes you need shiny jewelry for creating a cool fashion sense, and one of the best option for you is the zircon bulk fashion jewelry pieces. No only can zircon let you be elegant and gentle, but create a stylish cool style. For example, this luxury zircon silver bracelet can be your wonderful choice. The zircons can reflect the changes of color under the light, meanwhile, zircon is a perfect alternative for diamond. If you want to pursue fine jewelry with cheaper prices, then zircon can be your first priority. This bracelet is pretty delicate and perfect for everyday wear. No matter what kinds of clothes you wear, you can always be charming and fashion-forward by wearing it on. Plus, if you are not interested in this one, you can come to Jewelrykg.com to explore more latest styles!

bulk fashion jewelry

New hip-hop bulk fashion jewelry styles: stainless steel material

Stainless steel bulk fashion jewelry is extremely popular for its various kinds of creative styles. Stainless steel is a very durable and suitable for all jewelry designs. The jewelry with stainless steel can present all different styles, from elegant, lovely to cool, you can choose whatever you want. Instead of those stylish modern styles, the one very popular this year, is the combination of vintage and modern style. For example, we’ve listed this one below, the special knitted design of the star pendant gives this necklace a retro look, however, due to the particular feature of stainless steel, its luster also contains a modern sense, the contrast between the two makes this necklace very special and unique, which is one of our hot-selling jewelry item.

bulk fashion jewelry

New hip-hop bulk fashion jewelry styles: resin material

In addition to metallic jewelry, the resin can also build hip-hop style for bulk fashion jewelry. The main feature of resin is that, it is very affordable and light, you will feel very comfortable when you wear resin jewelry. However, for most people, the common perception for resin bulk fashion jewelry pieces is that, they are not textured enough to add elegance to outfits. That is not the case. As long as you choose the right resin jewelry pieces, they will definitely impress you. For example, you can try this pair of resin earrings showed below. The transparent one can immediately refresh you, making you very special and personalized. However, the white one can be very gentle and simple, especially combined with the gold plating. Meanwhile, a little detail of these earrings is that, the surface of the gold plating is uneven, which makes them very unique and charming.

bulk fashion jewelry

Final Words

The hip-hop style is at the forefront of jewelry innovation, and it will never be out of style. If you are a jewelry retailer, then the hip-hop cool bulk fashion jewelry will never be lack of buyers, it will be your wonderful choice for your exploration. It’s an exciting time to embrace the cool styles!

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