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These 80s Bulk Jewelry Trends Are Coming Back Into Fashion

The main feature of the 1980s bulk jewelry trends was boldness. From the clothing styles, hair styles to jewelry styles, people were pursing the bold color and fashionable jewelry to show the personality. For bulk jewelry, most of them have the bright color and exaggerated designs. At that time, jewelry was more than just an accessory, it was also a means of making a free statement for yourself. With deep memories and nostalgia, people are looking back at 1980s, this kinds bulk jewelry trends are coming back into fashion.

If you are a deep fashion lover, then you can not miss this guide! Knowing the latest fashion jewelry trends can always help you keep up with the latest news and information. Follow us, let’s get into it!


  1. Large hoop earrings
  2. Beaded pearl necklaces
  3. Gemstone rings
  4. Golden brooches
  5. Colorful bracelets

80s bulk jewelry trends: large hoop earrings

First of all, large hoop earrings are one of the most featured bulk jewelry trends in 1980s. Particularly with the gold color on it. These earrings are usually paired with suit, or jackets at that time. Plus, thin earrings are most common instead of thick ones. Today, this style of bulk jewelry is also a hit. From large thin golden hoop earrings, to small delicate silver hoop earrings, you can choose the sizes, materials, and colors based on your own preferences. For example, this pair of chic rhinestone hoop earrings is very elegant and delicate. With a little bit if vintage style, they can also add you a sense of classic and fashion.

bulk jewelry trends

80s bulk jewelry trends: beaded pearl necklaces

Secondly, the necklaces in 1980s were in different varieties. Large pendants are extremely famous at that time, especially those gemstones and crystal necklaces. However, the most popular style among them is the beaded pearl necklaces. However, instead of pure freshwater pearls, they most like necklaces with real gold or gold-plated metals on them. And this kind of necklaces are in vogue this summer. Pearl necklaces are more attractive with the beaded design instead of single pearl pendant. Most people are appealed by their vintage and minimalist style. If you are hunting for fine bulk jewelry pieces, then you can not miss this style!

bulk jewelry trends

80s bulk jewelry trends: gemstone rings

Instead of minimalist hoop rings, the rings in 1980s are a symbol of confidence and wealth. Therefore, cocktail rings, or rings with gemstone on it, are particular welcomed. However, this kind of rings are not frequently used in daily life. But there are some very good styles imitating the retro style of 1980s, which is very popular in this year. You will notice lots of celebrities, and influencers are wearing such styles. Like the one showed below. Instead of square gemstone on it, the special design of the ring can beautify your fingers to the fullest. You will definitely look more fashion-forward when you put it on.

bulk jewelry trends

80s bulk jewelry trends: golden brooches

The brooches were as bold as other jewelry styles in 1980s. As an extremely popular jewelry item at that time, brooches can show people’s personality and social status. So, most wealthy people, or jewelry lovers, were choosing the golden brooches to be their decoration of outfits. Although golden brooches are not as popular as 1980s, and many people perceive them as old-fashion bulk jewelry. However, the new styles of golden brooches are on the rise this year. Just like the one showed below, this brooch has the vintage and retro style, but extremely suitable for daily wear. It has a sense of classic and can create delicacy on your look.

bulk jewelry trends

80s bulk jewelry trends: colorful bracelets

Oversize bracelets with bold dynamic colors was a hit at 1980s. Particularly for young people, plastic, resin jelly bracelets are must-have fashion bulk jewelry pieces. This year, the bold colors are on the fashion trend. Instead of resin plastic material, this summer is famous for glass bracelets. For example, the one showed as the picture below is one of the hot-selling bulk jewelry item on Jewelrykg.com. As a fashion bracelets lover, colorful bracelets are your perfect choice for summer.

bulk jewelry trends

Final Thoughts

Fashion trends is always changing with time. The 1980s was an interesting and memorable decade for jewelry fashion. The bold and exaggerated styles represents the desire for freedom and personality. Hope this guide can inspire you a little bit. We will be very delighted if you can make comments below. We are looking forward to your voices and opinions!

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