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5 Minimalist Wholesale Jewelry Trends Ruling In 2022 Summer

Less is more. Minimalist wholesale jewelry is an attractive option which can meet all the requirements of living a minimalist lifestyle. It’s not driven by trends, which can easily show your own style and personality. You can wear your minimalist wholesale jewelry as an “identity marker”.

Minimalist wholesale jewelry has become a hit in this summer. Due to its simple style, there are numerous creative and unique ways for you to match and mix your minimalist wholesale jewelry pieces. If you are not familiar with this new trend, then you are highly recommended to read this guide.

As a fashion follower, no matter whether you are a jewelry wholesaler, retailer or an online buyer, knowing the latest fashion trends is never wrong. Here, we’ve collected the most popular minimalist wholesale jewelry trends for you, follow us, let’s start a fashion jewelry adventure!


  1. Minimalist stud earrings
  2. Minimalist pearl rings
  3. Minimalist beaded chokers
  4. Minimalist bow brooches
  5. Minimalist zircon bracelets

Top minimalist wholesale jewelry trends: stud earrings

Stud earrings are usually small and delicate, however, when the minimalist styles combined with irregular shapes, a sense of classic immediately appears. For example, the minimalist matte irregular stud earrings showed below is highly recommended for you. Irregular style with golden color, this unique trend has gained great popularity on social media. Especially loved by many famous celebrities and influencers. No matter what you wear, this style can definitely enhance your elegance to the fullest.

Minimalist Wholesale Jewelry

Top minimalist wholesale jewelry trends: pearl rings

In addition to earrings, rings can be the second popular jewelry item loved by masses of people at all ages. This summer, pearls are extremely hot-selling. Therefore, among the top minimalist wholesale jewelry trends, pearl rings are the must-haves. Like the one showed below, this is one of the most popular style from Masses of jewelry buyers are attracted by its simple unique design, small and delicate pearl with gold-plated hoop, it will be your prefect jewelry choice. You can wear it on almost any occasion with any kinds of outfits.

Minimalist Wholesale Jewelry

Top minimalist wholesale jewelry trends: beaded chokers

The next popular minimalist wholesale jewelry trends are beaded chokers. Chokers are a perfect matching partner with necklaces. You can layer a minimalist chocker with other fancy design necklaces to create a cool personalized look. For example, gold-plated beaded chocker showed below is a wonderful selection choice. This is especially brilliant for those who don’t want to wear those prominent jewelry pieces. This style can surely add a pop of sparkle to your whole look. High quality with affordable prices, you shouldn’t miss it.

Minimalist Wholesale Jewelry

Top minimalist wholesale jewelry trends: bow brooches

Unlike other bow jewelry pieces, this bow brooch showed below is both minimalistic and delicate. Without too many fancy designs, the pure matte gold-plated appearance instantly brings a sense of classic and sophistication. You can pair it well with a suit or classic shirt, which can add a metallic tone to your clothing. You will surely be more charming and gorgeous by putting it on your attire. Meanwhile, if you want to know the popular fashion ways to wear brooches, you can visit to find the relevant blog.

Minimalist Wholesale Jewelry

Top minimalist wholesale jewelry trends: zircon bracelets

Zircon bracelets are famous for its fashionable shiny appearance, however, the minimalist zircon bracelets have emerged as one of the most unexpected popular minimalist wholesale jewelry fashion trends in this summer. More and more brands are designing new delicate simple style zircon bracelets. Right from a casual shirt to formal suit, you should definitely try this high quality zircon bracelet showed below. You will be amazed when you put it on.

Minimalist Wholesale Jewelry

Final Thoughts

When you free yourself from the things around you, you will become more creative. Enjoy the moments with your loved ones, and touch the inner peace within you. If you find this guide is helpful to you, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones!

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