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2022 Most Popular Bulk Earrings Styles On Jewelrykg (New Trends)

If you want to wholesale bulk earrings to enjoy the benefit of large scale buying, when you surf the Internet, you will easily find a vast number of online wholesalers. Try Jewelrykg, we will be your best reliable friend. We can sell you bulk jewelry by kilogram with no MOQ. And you can get a wide collection of daily-updated wholesale earrings at the lowest price from us.

We’ve collected the search data of the Jewelry.com website in the first half of this year, and recommend the most hot-selling wholesale earrings series for you. Come to Jewelrykg and choose your favorite ones.

6 Most Popular Earrings Styles

  1. Flower stud earrings
  2. Heart stud earrings
  3. Tassel drop earrings
  4. Pearl drop earrings
  5. Butterfly drop earrings
  6. Mini hoop earrings

Flower stud bulk earrings

Stud earrings are suitable for almost any kind of clothing styles, whether it’s a skirt, dress or jacket. Small and delicate design with cheap prices, a pair of wonderful flower stud earrings has always been a classical joker pursued by lots of fashionable bulk earrings lovers. Added with flower element, they can bring women a feeling of sweetness. Especially in spring and summer, flower stud earrings can always make every young girl more gentle and lovely, which have become one of the most popular bulk earring styles this year.

Bulk earrings

Heart stud bulk earrings

Heart shape is a well-liked style among numerous earrings designs. The heart shape can be flexible and changeable, a pair of simple heart-shaped stud earrings always can express a lot of different feelings to people. Generally speaking, heart stud earrings can be romantic and lovely. However, you can also be cool and chic when you match them with different kinds of outfits. Due to its high quality, exquisite craftsmanship and lovely appearance, this kind of earrings is loved by most buyers. If you are looking for popular fashion bulk earrings, then heart stud earrings should not be missed.

Bulk earrings

Tassel drop bulk earrings

With unlimited colors, textures, and styles, an pair of awesome tassel earrings has always been one of the most popular bulk earrings styles over several years, especially in 2022. Every fashion bulk earrings seekers are coming to Jewelrykg and searching for chic tassel drop earrings sets. When you pair a pair of shiny bright tassel drop earrings to add a pop of color to your outfit, that will incredibly gorgeous. Shop them at an affordable price.

Bulk earrings

Pearl drop bulk earrings

Pearl stud earrings are classic earrings. You shouldn’t miss them if you want to buy bulk earrings to wholesale. They are the best suitable option for all women who want to have a pair of versatile earrings going well with everything. Pearl drop bulk earrings can be one of your best choices. Earrings in this style hang below the earlobe. They will deliver a sense of delicacy to the whole look. This kind of earrings style won’t be affected with seasons. Jewelrykg will continue to meet your demands.

Bulk earrings

Butterfly drop bulk earrings

The popularity if butterfly drop earrings continues to increase. Earrings with butterfly element has been getting people’s attention, a huge number of people are buying this kind of bulk earrings from Jewelrykg. You can get different types of butterfly drop earrings with high quality and cheap prices. You will surely be placed in the first place, because top quality service is Jewelrykg’s first priority.

Bulk earrings

Mini hoop bulk earrings

It would be a pity if you don’t have minimalist hoop earrings. Especially with golden color, this kind of popular earrings is generally thin and small, however, when you wear them on, you will definitely feel more delicate and elegant. If you are hunting for different styles of bulk earrings, choose this kind of earrings, you will be impressed a lot. And the demand for mini hoop earrings is expected to continually go high.

Bulk earrings

Final Thoughts

As a well-known wholesale jewelry company with office in Los Angeles, CA, Jewelrykg can offer you a wide collection of fashion wholesale earrings with great discounts and high quality. You can find a bunch of excellent bulk earrings sold by weight with no MOQ here. Not only can we offer you different daily updated wholesale earrings styles, but also give you fast turnaround times and good after-sale services. Choose us, we will give you a big surprise.

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