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2022 Beaded Style Bulk Jewelry (New Summer Trends)

Everyone loves summer, and everyone feels pleasant and delightful in summer. Summer is the best time to go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine. Bulk jewelry, like clothes, can be seasonal. When you go on a vacation or have a picnic with your friends, choose trendy summer bulk jewelry pieces can highlight your beauty and validity in this summer.

So, what is the new summer trends in 2022? One of the most popular bulk jewelry styles in this summer is beaded style bulk jewelry. Beaded style is perfect for the bright dynamic summer, that’s why it is well-liked by so many jewelry fashion lovers.

Jewelrykg has picked out the most popular summer fashion bulk jewelry styles for you. If you are hunting for the most fashion-forward and latest bulk jewelry styles, go ahead, and see which one you like best.


1 Beaded hoop earrings

2 Beaded colorful necklaces

3 Beaded minimalist rings

4 Beaded flower bracelets

5 Beaded key chains

1 Beaded Style Bulk Jewelry: beaded hoop earrings

The first kind of jewelry has to mention earrings. Earrings have been one of the most popular jewelry pieces for many years. There are numerous fashion lovers looking for new and trendy earrings styles from online bulk jewelry stores. Because earrings are a fantastic way to modify your face, highlight your appearance and complete your outfit. Especially for hoop earrings, a wonderful pair of beaded hoop earrings can definitely show your lovely and elegance in this summer. This pair of elegant gold plated pearl beaded hoop earrings is highly recommended for you, which is one of the most hot-selling jewelry pieces this year.

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2 Beaded Style Bulk Jewelry: beaded colorful necklaces

A wonderful summer is not competed without colorful bulk jewelry pieces. The beaded colorful necklaces have become one of the most favorable jewelry in this summer. They are perfect for you when you go to the beach with your friends and enjoy the sunshine. Small beaded style can give you a sense of delicacy, and colorful design is excellent for summer season. This colorful beaded necklace is highly recommended for you. Put it on, and show your glamour in this summer.

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3 Beaded Style Bulk Jewelry: beaded minimalist rings

Beaded rings are a famous fashion trend this year. Especially those with minimalist style. When people buy jewelry online, most of them will purchase a bunch of beaded rings. Unless the simple hoop rings, the beaded rings are more trendy and fashionable. They can be cool and lovely, elegant and delicate. They are perfect for almost any kind of outfits. For example, this classic minimalist beaded rings can be your wonderful choice.

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4 Beaded Style Bulk Jewelry: beaded flower bracelets

Flower element is an indispensable part of summer season. This summer will lack of bright spots if you don’t have a charming colorful beaded flower bracelets. No matter where you go, wearing a wonderful bracelet can always give you a good mood and be more charming and attractive. This rainbow beaded flower bracelet will be suitable for you in this summer. With good quality and cheap prices, you will find more superb jewelry pieces on Jewelrykg.

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5 Beaded Style Bulk Jewelry: beaded key chains

A unique and personalized keychain will be outstanding and an excellent way show your personality. Keychains are accessible in a wide variety of styles and models, why not have a perfect key chain for this summer? For example, you can select a lovely and delicate keychain for your kids and friends, or take it when you have a picnic, party and vacation to show your style. This orange stars handmade colorful beaded key chain can be a great choice.

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Final Thoughts

If you want more perfect stylish beaded jewelry pieces particularly for this summer, come to Jewelrykg and select your favorite ones. We can sell you bulk jewelry by kilogram with no MOQ. And you can get a wide collection of daily-updated fashionable jewelry at the lowest price from us. If you want to know more fashion trends of jewelry styles, click here to discover more trendy bulk jewelry pieces. Jewelrykg shares the latest and trendiest wholesale jewelry blog guide.

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