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Top 2022 Fashion Wholesale Necklaces Trends You Must Know

The summer holiday is the best time to let your neck be adorned with fashion wholesale necklaces. No matter whether you are a jewelry lover, jeweler, or jewelry wholesaler. The fashion wholesale necklaces are one of most popular jewelry pieces pursued by numerous wholesale followers every year.

This year, there have been a massive wave of fashion trends coming up about necklaces. We’ve collected the top fashion wholesale necklace trends in 2022 for you! Get ready? Let’s get into it!


  1. Chain necklaces
  2. Beaded necklaces
  3. Double layered necklaces
  4. Pearl necklaces
  5. Gemstone necklaces

Fashion wholesale necklaces trends: chain necklaces

Chain is a very popular style in this summer. Chain element is very easy to be matched with almost all kinds of outfits. The chain necklaces have that classic vibe being suitable for almost any occasions. For example, this Korean style chain necklaces with butterfly elements let you be cool and lovely. You can wear chain necklaces causally or formally, they will definitely let you stand out all the time.

Fashion wholesale necklaces

Fashion wholesale necklaces trends: beaded necklaces

Beaded fashion wholesale necklaces are rising at a rapid speed in fashion jewelry market. You can’t without beaded element in summer. Like the colorful beaded necklaces showed below, you definitely need one like that. Colorful fashion jewelry can bring you energy and add a pop of color to your whole outfit. With mini beads on it, this kind of fashion wholesale necklace is perfectly suitable for summer season, which is well-liked by numerous jewelry buyers and fashion followers.

Fashion wholesale necklaces

Fashion wholesale necklaces trends: double layered necklaces

If you have no idea of what kinds of necklaces to choose for your wholesale store, then double layered necklaces will never go wrong. This kind of necklace is perfect for matching clothes. It is fashionable and chic enough to let you be more charming and appealing. For example, you can choose the fashion wholesale necklace style like the below one. With elegant style and delicate appearance, it is one of the hot-selling necklaces pieces from Jewelrykg.

Fashion wholesale necklaces

Fashion wholesale necklaces trends: pearl necklaces

Pearl necklaces are truly a classic. They are considered as a vintage jewelry style for old people. However, today the pearl necklaces are on the top of fashion wholesale necklace trends. They are especially loved by youngsters and fashion trends followers. You are highly recommended to choose a classic and simple one. Without too much other decorations, a minimalist high quality pearl necklace is excellent enough to show your beauty and elegance.

Fashion wholesale necklaces

Fashion wholesale necklaces trends: gemstone necklaces

Gemstone necklaces are a favorite of every fashion wholesale necklace lover, even if they’re on the minimalistic side. With a stunning delicate gemstone, the whole necklace can have wonderful appearance and give people a shiny classic look. In addition, they have a pretty simple design, and you’ll easily find it in a large variety of styles. The gemstone can show your story and personality, therefore, you can wear it on special occasions.

Fashion wholesale necklaces

Final Thoughts

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