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4 Bulk Fine Jewelry Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

If you are going to make investment in bulk jewelry industry, then knowing the customers’ tastes and preferences are the key to increase sales. Bulk fine jewelry trends are always changing all the time, the designs and styles come and go with times. How to select the most latest popular bulk jewelry to attract more customers is thing that you must know.

Generally, for most people, especially fashion followers, are easy to be attracted by the newest fashion trends on the Internet. However, some truly classic jewelry styles have been pursued by people all the time, they would be your safe and good investment. If you haven’t anything yet in mind, read further to find out the 4 popular bulk fine jewelry trends you should always invest in.


  1. Silver bracelets
  2. Gold-plated earrings
  3. Pearl necklaces
  4. Zircon rings

Bulk fine jewelry trends: silver bracelets

The top 4 most popular jewelry items are certainly the bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. The first classic jewelry piece is silver bracelets. There is no doubt that silver has been famous in jewelry designs throughout the history. Most bulk fine jewelry in the wholesale market is made of sterling silver, which is an alloy made of 95% pure silver and other metals. This kind of jewelry is more affordable and durable than pure silver jewelry. For silver bracelets, especially those simple and minimalist ones, are particularly hot-selling all the time.

Bulk fine jewelry

Bulk fine jewelry trends: gold-plated earrings

Gold-plated jewelry is a common and popular alternative of pure gold. It is affordable than pure gold jewelry with a bunch of fashion styles. The gold-plated earrings, especially hoop and drop earrings with classic elements like flower and heart are worth investing. For example, the hoop gold-plated earrings have been popular for many years. This is mainly because these styles are very easy to match with different outfits.

Bulk fine jewelry

Bulk fine jewelry trends: pearl necklaces

Pearls are having a comeback in recent years. With the great popularity on social media platforms, those classic and delicate pearl necklaces are always a good investment. You will never go wrong with these pearl bulk fine jewelry pieces. Here, Jewelrykg is highly recommended for you to purchase bulk jewelry at factory prices and good quality. You will find plenty of fashion classic jewelry styles on Jewelrykg.com. Most importantly, Jewelrykg sells jewelry by weight with no MOQ!

Bulk fine jewelry

Bulk fine jewelry trends: zircon rings

The last classic bulk fine jewelry trend is zircon. As a perfect alternative to diamond, zircon is known for its stunning appearance and affordable prices. It is extremely looked like a natural diamond. There are a large number of zircon rings styles for you to choose, like with butterfly elements, irregular rings, minimalist rings, or exaggerated styles. You can try different styles with zircon rings. They are worth investing.

Bulk fine jewelry

Final Thoughts

If you want to purchase those great bulk fine jewelry worth of investing for a long time, then these 4 styles will be your excellent choice. You will not go wrong with them. You can also go to Jewelrykg.com to find more bulk fine jewelry.

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