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  • Kids Jewelry Pumpkin Car Cute Halloween Necklace $4.00
    • This website wholesales all kinds of high-quality jewelry and supports selling by the catty. Welcome to buy!
    • Our selection of jewellery is made from the finest materials to give you confidence.
    • Jewelrykg has a wide range of quality jewelry.
  • Wholesale Kids Jewelry Cartoon Flower Fashion Kids Necklace Sets $1.46
    colorful sw01colorful sw02colorful sw03colorful sw04colorful sw05
    • Wholesale kids jewelry,cartoon flower fashion kids necklace sets, the fashion necklace is suitable for kids to wear in daily life as well as on some important occasions like birthday,Christmas and anniversaries.
    • The quality of the necklace is strictly guaranteed by best wholesale site- Jewelry Kg.
    • You could buy it with assurance and wish you a perfect experience.
  • Wholesale Kids Jewelry Wooden Beads Necklace with Elephant Charm $1.85
    purple sw
    • A fashion and cute purple necklace designed for kids, The necklace is a wooden beads necklace with elephant charm,kids could wear it in daily life as well as important occasions like birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, it will be cute to be worn on your kids and it is also a good choice for a gift.
    • The quality of the necklace is strictly guaranteed by bulk wholesale jewelry site-Jewelry Kg.
    • You can buy with assurance, and it will definitely give the kids a wonderful experience while wearing it.
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