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  • Wholesale Necklace Earring Sets 18K Gold $3.76
    style qu01style qu02style qu03style qu04
    • This jewelry is colorful,semi precious material and has many different styles.I bet as long as you bring this jewelry,you will be more dazzling.
    • This jewelry is fashionable and the latest trend.It will surprise you when you receive the package.
    • The net weight content of goods reaches 100%.
  • Necklace Earrings Set Gold Plated Stainless Colorful $2.90
    style he01style he02style he03style he04
    • Necklace earrings set for women,this is a colorful alloy jewelry.It has many different styles,high quality and exquisite packaging.As long as you take it with you,it can be dazzling.
    • This jewelry is the latest in 2022,with novel style and strong sense of design.Don’t miss this jewelry set!
    • This jewelry contains 100% net weight.
  • 18k Gold Necklace Earrings Set Colorful Delicate $3.20
    style hu01style hu02style hu03style hu04
    • A variety of colorful choices,18k metal necklace and earrings are available for you to choose,which ensures that you can put it on and add points to your clothing matching.
    • No matter what occasion,this jewelry can bring you endless matching options.
    • The net weight content reaches 100% standard.
  • Wholesale Jewelry Set Cute Style Metal Jewelry Good Quality $1.40
    style wu01style wu02style wu03style wu04
    • The stylish metal necklace earrings are randomly selected in the package,which are suitable for wearing in birthday party.There are a variety of irregular-shaped earrings and necklace with fashionable styles,which make you full of surprises the moment you open the package.
    • A complete set of earrings and necklace jewelry can help you avoid the trouble of matching jewelry.
    • The net weight of the set is 100% up to standard.
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