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  • Rose Flower Korean Version Ceramic Cute Wholesale Stud Earrings $3.30
    green qw1pink qw1purple qw1white qw1
    • A variety of colors to choose from, women are beautiful because of color.
    • The flowers come together to form a cluster of flowers.
    • Fashionable and cute shape, it is pleasing to the eyes.
  • Ethnic Jewelry Set Handmade Ceramic Bracelets Sell By Kilogram $22.00
    • Inside the package are handmade ceramic bracelets woven in Chinese ethnic style.The product style is novel, and when you open it, it will make you feel amazing.
    • You can wear them on various occasions such as parties, festivals, etc., or you can give them as gifts to friends.
    • The net weight of the bracelets is 100% up to standard.


    Pictures are for reference only, wholesale jewelry by weight will be a mix and random. The product shown in the picture does not necessarily appear in the product you purchase.

    Wholesale jewelry by weight is cheap and doesn’t allow you to specify products in your package. If you need to buy a specific style of product, check out the other products on sale at jewelrykg.com. Please choose carefully before purchasing.

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